Zillow & Lake properties for sale Commerce MI

Zillow has become one of the major real estate websites along with Trulia, realtor.com, & homes.com.  Yes the other major real estate companies have lots of traffic too, but let’s just talk about Zillow and the estimates.  Z-estimates are just that, an estimate of the value of your Commerce lakefront real estate.

Lake properties in Commerce Michigan are not very easy to price out.  It takes a lake specialist sometimes to get a good value of a waterfront home.  A normal house in a Commerce subdivision has factors like:

  • Square foot
  • Amenities
  • Number of bathrooms, bedrooms
  • Size of Garage
  • Finished or unfinished basement
  • Updates in the Commerce home
  • Overall condition of the Commerce property

So estimating and doing a CMA (comparative market analysis) on a piece of Commerce real estate is easier than doing one on a lakefront property in Commerce.  It is the same with Zestimates.

Zillow and many realtors have trouble figuring the price differences when it comes to lakefront footage, or how much a mucky bottom subtracts, or a sandy bottom adds.  Other factors like finished walkouts add to lakefront values more than in a regular neighborhoods.  How does parking or the house sitting on a hillside affect the sales price?

These are little items that a good lakefront realtor can help you with.  Zillow is a good tool, but a Zestimate is just an estimate.  Do not base your price of your Commerce lakefront property on a Zestimate.  So if you are selling your Lake Sherwood home, or Fox Lake home, or Long Lake home get an appraisal or CMA done!

Zillow & the value of your home

Zillow & the value of your home

My goal as a realtor is to price your home so you get top dollar and so your waterfront home sells quickly.


The bargain homes and the move in ready homes sometimes sell in just a few days.  So Many homebuyers never even see them because they are not getting the newest home listings sent to them.  Get the best homes emailed to you as soon as they hit the market.  Join my 

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