Buy an Oakland County lakefront home with a FHA loan

Recently I had a buyer client ask me if they could buy a Oakland County lakefront home with a FHA loan.  The answer is yes if the loan amount is under the FHA loan limits.  In most of the Metro Detroit area the FHA loan limit is $297, 500 and if you want to buy a primary Oakland County Lakefront home to live in with a FHA loan you can.  It does not matter if it is Mandon Lake in White Lake MI or Mandon Lake in White Lake MI  or a Waterfront homes on Loon Lake in Wixom MI you can buy an Oakland County lakefront home with a FHA loan.

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Oakland County lake homes

Oakland County lake homes

Many people worry about the FHA inspection costing you the house.  In the past 5 years FHA inspections have become more relaxed.  The items that may come up on a FHA home appraisal are

  • Peeling paint
  • Bad roof
  • Rotted wood
  • Improper wiring

These are items that are easily fixed and should be before you buy an Oakland County lakefront home.  It is no longer an issue with home sellers to accept a buyer with a FHA  loan.  The only deal stopper on a FHA loan is if the well is inside the house.  You cannot buy an Oakland County Lakefront home with a well inside of the house.  You would have to get a conventional loan.  Here is more Oakland County lakefront house buying tips

If you have more questions about the home buying process, Oakland County Lakes, or any specific Oakland County lakefront home give me a call.  I will be glad to help you out any way I can.  My cell phone is (248) 310-6239 or email is  Remember we offer a great buyers bonus too.

*BUYER'S BONUS DEAL* call for more information call Russ Ravary at (248)310-6239

call for more information call
Russ Ravary at (248)310-6239

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Here are  three more lakes you may know nothing about. Check them out to learn more:

So many beautiful lakes around Metro Detroit that are less than an hour drive.  So why drive 5 hours up north.

Oakland County Lake homes

Oakland County Lake homes





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