Wolverine Lake in Oakland County Michigan

So what is Wolverine Lake in Oakland County Michigan like?  Wolverine Lake is located in the Village of Wolverine Lake MI.  It is a T-shaped lake.  I have heard some non-residents say it is a weedy lake.  However every resident on the lake that I have talked to love the lake.  I always love lakes that have “character”.  What I mean by character is that it is not a round lake.  You can’t see all of the lake.   There are bays or peninsulas to go around.  It gives the lake “character”

Wolverine Lake is 265 acre public all-sports lake.  The deepest spot on Wolverine Lake in Oakland County Michigan is 58ft.  The Village of Wolverine Lake is 1.69 square miles and is about 29 miles to Detroit or 25 miles to Metro Airport.  The population of the village as of 2010 is 4,312 with about 1740 households.  The children that live on the lake go to Walled Lake School District  Residents have access to the lake through community parks that dot the shoreline. Some of the subdivision parks have swimming beaches and boat launch facilities so residents can fully enjoy the lake. There is also a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) public access site located off Glengary Road.

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Wolverine Lake in Oakland County MI

Wolverine Lake in Oakland County MI

Wolverine Lake was created in the 1920s through a private damming and inundation project funded by local dentist and developer Howard Stuart. Created from six small lakes, a critical early step in creating the lake involved the construction of the nearby dam, which began in 1919. There used to be six small lakes that are now are Wolverine Lake in Oakland County.  The dam allowed water levels to rise eight feet in the marsh surrounding Penny, Spring, Mayze, Pork Barrel, Bicking, Taylor, and Bradley Lakes, thus uniting them.

So what are lakefront homes for sale on Wolverine Lake like?  Well like so many other lakes in Oakland County.  There is a wide variety of homes.  There are still small cottages, and there are bigger new colonial homes.   Wolverine Lake in Oakland County is not a lake community full of large luxury waterfront homes.  I would say the average size ranges from 1200 to 2500 square feet.  In 2013 there were thirteen lakefront homes that sold on Wolverine Lake.  4 of them were on the small side ranging from 484 to 984 square feet.  The largest lakefront home that sold on the lake last year was 4497 square feet.  So you can find just about any type, size, or style of lakefront home on Wolverine Lake.


Residents’ concern for their lake and the desire to maintain control of it led to the formation of the Consolidated Subdivision of Wolverine Lake. Eight separate subdivision associations joined together in the early 1940s to form a more viable political force.  In 1954 they became Wolverine Village.  I hope this give you a little insight into what the lake is like.  I have helped clients buy and sell lake homes all over Oakland County.  I know the lakes well.  So give me a call on my cell phone today at (313) 310-9855.
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