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Let's go fishing

Let’s go fishing

I am a local lakefront home specialist that knows about waterfront properties in Waterford Michigan.  I wanted to share some of the information I know about Williams Lake Waterford  Michigan so you can make a sound decision when buying a lake home.  Williams Lake is one of the many beautiful lakes in Waterford.  It is not a huge lake, it is only about 155 acres in size.  It is big enough and an odd enough shape to enjoy all the different water sports.    It is a private lake with no state DNR access.  The lake has a maximum depth of 45 feet.

Williams Lake is what I call an active lake.  It has an association that  schedules many events including sailboat races, fireworks on the fourth of July, and Sunday boat breakfasts.  Many  lakefront buyers that want a Williams Lake property want it because they have friends and family on the lake.   That in itself means a lot to me.  They like the lake because they have had so much fun on it.

Lakefront homes for sale Williams Lake Waterford MI

An example of a home on Williams Lake – this is not for sale

Lakefront lots on Williams Lake run from 47′ wide to about a 100′ wide. Most of them though are between 40′ and 70′ foot wide.  You can find almost any style of home on the lake.  You will find Bungalows, ranches, split level, and colonial homes on the lake.  There are a few canals that provide access to the lake for canal front home owners.

It has been a busy year for sales of canal front and lakefront homes on Williams Lake.  There have been 15 lakefront homes that have sold in 2013.

Address Baths Full Beds Total Sq Ft Combined List Price Close Price Close Date Waterfront Description
2935  Tuxedo Blvd 2 3 1,504 $1,600 $1,600 09/25/2013 Canal Front
2865  Sunderland 2 3 1,920 $79,100 $84,000 06/12/2013 Canal Front
7021  Williams Lake Rd 1 3 1,300 $149,900 $141,000 09/27/2013 Canal Front
7027  Hatchery Rd 1 3 2,125 $149,900 $148,500 03/26/2013 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
2865  Sunderland 2 3 1,721 $189,900 $185,500 10/04/2013 Lake Front, Canal Front
2829  Swain Dr 2 3 1,732 $219,888 $219,000 02/15/2013 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
6871  Forestlawn Ct 2 5 2,137 $275,000 $262,500 03/22/2013 Lake Front
2675  Lansdowne Rd 2 4 1,403 $269,000 $275,000 04/10/2013 Lake Front
6708  Hatchery Rd 2 3 2,980 $299,900 $310,000 08/22/2013 Lake Front
6821  Williams Lake Rd 2 4 3,966 $349,500 $325,000 04/12/2013 Lake Front
7013  Desmond Rd 1 4 1,910 $419,999 $337,000 09/20/2013 Lake Front
6877  Desmond Rd 2 4 3,327 $430,000 $427,000 05/02/2013 Lake Front
2955  Lansdowne Rd 3 4 3,258 $439,000 $439,000 07/16/2013 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
6768  Hatchery Rd 2 4 3,317 $499,333 $466,334 07/15/2013 Lake Front
7060  Hatchery Rd 2 3 2,645 $489,900 $475,000 04/15/2013 Lake Front
This is an example of homes on the lake - this is not for sale

This is an example of homes on the lake – this is not for sale

In the last 5 years there have been homes listed or sold that ranged from 750 square feet to over 5500 square feet.  In the last five years prices on lakefront homes on Williams Lake have ranged from $78,000 to over $475,000.  I sold one on the lake for $337,000 that was bought just for the lot.  They were going to tear it down and build a brand new beautiful home.

If you have any questions about any Oakland County Lake give me a call on my cell at (313) 310-9855.  We know the lakes and can help you whether you are buying or selling.

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