Why it is a great time to buy an Oakland County lakefront home.

Have you been thinking about buying an Oakland County Lakefront home?  I think it is a great time to buy an Oakland County lakefront home because of the interest rates.  Interest rates are so low right now.  If you talk to home owners that are 55 or older they will tell you about the days when interest rates were 10% and higher.


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Oakland County lakefront homes

Oakland County lakefront homes

These very low interest rates are why it is a great time to buy an Oakland County lakefront home.  Let me do a quick demonstration what the difference of a 2% interest rate increase would be.  Let’s say you buy a lakefront home with $300,000 mortgage at 3.25% interest rate this year.  The payment on this Oakland County lakefront home would be $1,305.62.   That is without taxes and insurance.

Lower Long Lake homes Oakland County MI

Lower Long Lake homes Oakland County MI (this home is not for sale – it is just an example of some of the homes on the lake)


Now let’s fast forward it to a time when interest rates jump up to 5.25%.  Your new payment then would be $ 1,656.61.  That would be a $351 increase in payment.  That is a huge difference on whether you could afford a lakefront home or not.  For many people it could kill their dream of owning a lakefront home.  So if you are seriously thinking about buying a lakefront home give me a call on my cell phone (313) 310-9855.  Let’s get started finding your dream home.

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There are two different Loon Lakes in Oakland County Loon Lake Waterford Waterfront Properties and Loon Lake in Wixom Township.  Loon Lake in Waterford is the bigger of the two lakes, but Loon Lake in Wixom is very close to I-96.  If you lived on Wixom’s Loon Lake it would make an easy commute to anywhere in Metro Detroit.

Lakefront Homes for Sale Lotus Lake Waterford Township Michigan are off Williams Lake Road just north of M-59.  You are only a short drive to Clarkston if you buy a home on Lotus Lake.  Lotus Lake and Maceday Lake are connected so you have two great lakes to enjoy.  Maceday Lake does have a public access so if you want to view the lake homes from the water you can.

When buying foreclosures in West Bloomfield Michigan you using only have two choices when you do the inspection.  Either you buy the house as is or you do not buy the house at all.   It is very different when you are buying from a homeowner.  You have different ways to resolve home inspection issues.

If you wish to live on a private lake then Elizabeth Lake homes – Elizabeth Lake real estate Waterford MI may be what you are looking for.  When you sell your home my goal is to get you the best possible price possible.  It’s not always easy to sell a home.  Metro Detroit home buyers are picky, so you need to get your home in the best shape possible.  Here is How to de-personalize your lake home -lake home selling tips

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