Tyrone Lake Waterfront Homes for Sale

Tyrone Lake was smaller in the past and was named Russell Lake according to old maps. The lake empties into North Ore Creek and flows eventually into Saginaw Bay. In the 1920s the lake was dammed at the north end increasing its size to 102 acres and making it a long narrow lake with a central deep part (the old lake) and long expanses extending both north and south from the center. The expanded part of the lake to the south covered marshy areas.  According to ‘old timers’ on the lake, there are a number of tree stumps left in that area to this day because the lake filled so fast after the dam was closed.

The maximum depth of the Lake Tyrone is about 25 feet with only about 2 acres being over 20 feet. In fact, of the 102 acres only about 6 acres are over 10 feet in depth. The average depth of the lake is 4-5 feet with most of the lake being acceptable depth for all sports activities. For those just learning the lake, there is a shallow area on the Mabley side near the point with the white house and many parts near the edges of the south bowl are shallow.  All homes have plenty of depth for boat access and docking, it is just areas you will want to watch out for while using the lake in a motor boat.

Tyrone Lake waterfront homes that are currently for sale is down to only 2. I have them listed below. They are both on the opposite end of each other. The first, is a home that no one is sure how old it is. It’s on the Fenton side of the lake and is priced at only $129,900 with just one bedroom and one bathroom. The other Tyrone Lake waterfront home for sale is a newer home, built in 2000. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and is on the Hartland Twp side of the lake. The average time on the market for both of these homes is 38 days.

6130 BULLARD RD 1 1 800 N Y 50 X 459 162.375
5633 MABLEY HILL   RD 3 3 2280 N Y 50X295X295X50 142.3245

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