Thoughtful Thursday!!!!

Today is national thoughtful Thursday!!!


1. showing consideration for others; considerate.

        What a great holiday to get to celebrate! I’m Sure most of us have heard the saying its the thought that counts , and i truly belive it is.

         We all have days that might not always turn out the way that we would like or wake up and just cant seem to find the screws that came loose from you head from the night before, or we get into funks that we just cant seem to shake on our own. Isn’t great to being in a funk and have someone say something nice to you whether its a compliment about you or just saying hello with a warm smile. Someone that takes the time to step out of their own issues and self-minded-ness and makes an effort to help someone turn their day around. Being thoughtful has no bounds, you can be thoughtful in so many different ways yes the actions of kindness are always a great way to show other you care about how they feel or what they think, what they are going through. Being thoughtful can be recognizing someones pain or joy and smiling back or thinking a positive thought on their behalf. lets get away from the green envy and selfish thoughts and start showing others compassion, kindness, consideration! once we make an effort to show consideration to how others feel and truly put our feet in their shoes we might start to see a change for the better, and teach the kids of today’s harsh world that we can relate to those around  us, even if we don’t think we have anything in common, that we understand and can appreciate their situation. Once we make an effort to change how we show the ones we do feel close to that we care, we might see lower divorce rates and possibly less crime because of distraught children growing up in divided homes. Maybe one day we can say that we don’t know what its like to not lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, that we don’t understand why someone wouldn’t look you in the eyes and give you a genuine smile. We are getting further and further from becoming one world! lets change that now while we still can and show the generations to come that we are thoughtful enough to care about the world and communities they grow up in. We all know someone that can use an act of thoughtfulness today, so lets start changing how we are with each other now! Make it a point to show someone your thinking of them, or are there if they need you, maybe that you just happen to notice something great about them today!

Make an effort because…. IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!

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