The blizzard of 2014

Well we survived our blizzard of 2014.  (I’m hoping that this is the only major snow storm we have this year.)  We may get more snow Though it is early in the season we may get another snow storm.  Normally in the metro Detroit area we get an average of 40 inches of snow a year.  I haven’t seen the snow totals yet but I think we got over 10 inches of snow which is 25% of our annual total.

Me Quading on White Lake

Me Quading on White Lake

Today (Monday) our temperatures are going to drop dramatically.  We are going to hit as low as -20 with the wind chill later tonight.  It hasn’t been that cold in a few years.  Now that the snow storm is over here are some tips on what to do after all of this snow.  What you have to worry about now is what happens when this snow melts.

One of the first projects you should tackle is to get a snow roof rake and rake some of the snow off the edges of the roof.   You have an ice shield that usually goes back twelve inches from the edge from the roof.   If ice forms further back from that you can get melting ice water coming into your house.  So get out there after the frigid temperatures pass and rake some of the snow off the roof.

Snowmobiling on the lake

Snowmobiling on the lake

Another thing you should do is pull away some of the deep snow away from basement windows.  Many times when the snow and ice melts it may find a way into the house.  So do not pile a lot of snow up against the house.  If you did it may be smart to move it away when you have time.  Usually your insurance will not cover flooding unless you have flood insurance.  So protect yourself.

Shrubs also need your help.  Gently shake the snow off your bushes.  If  they snow bends the branches over too long your bushes may never regain their shape.  You may have to buy new bushes because they look so bad.  Just remember do not get frostbite.  With temperatures and wind chills so low you can get frostbite if you do not cover up your ears, nose, and fingers.  So stay warm.

Take a look at my list of All sports lakes in White Lake Township Michigan or List of lakes in West Bloomfield MI.  If you are active and want to tube you do not want to end up on a limited all sports lake or a non motorized lake.  If you are getting ready to sell check out my tips on Getting your lakefront home ready to sell  We helped over 70 happy clients get their home sold last year.  There are many little fixes that you can do to your lake house to make it a little more presentable to buyers.  Remember want to appeal to the greatest number of buyers possible.

Here are two beautiful lakes in the Northern part of Oakland County Waumegah Lake in Clarkston Michigan and White Lake in White Lake MI

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