Should I worry about the home inspector – Oakland County lake home selling tips

I recently had a Waterford Township lake home owner ask me if they should stay during the home inspection.  They were worried about the home inspector and what they would find.  First of all home inspectors have no bias toward sellers.  They are just doing their job to help the buyers uncover any issues on […]

Lotus Lake – Maceday Lake Waterford Michigan

Maceday Lake and Lotus Lake are two different lakes, but they are joined together.  If you did not know the lakes you would never know they were two separate lakes.  They are wonderful all sports lakes that are large enough for any water sports enthusiast.  The total combined acreage is 419 acres. Maceday Lake is about […]

How much earnest money do you put down? – Waterford Lake home buying tips

One of the questions Waterford lake home buyers ask me is how much earnest money do you put down?  When you write your earnest money check you want to show the seller that you are serious about buying their house.  If it is a $400,000 house you do not want to write a $500 check.  […]

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