How big of a Michigan lake home can I afford?

This is what I do not want you to get in a position of.  Over the years I have seen too many lakefront home buyers over extend themselves when buying a lake home or cottage.  I sometimes see it when they have it for a year or two and then have to sell.  They just can’t afford […]

Should I use the real estate agent’s loan officer? – Lake home buyer tips

I heard this at a party where a person was asking “should I use the real estate agents loan officer or lender?  It is a simple response in my mind.  As a realtor we know which banks and lenders that are hard to deal with.  We know which banks and lenders take forever or cause […]

Michigan lake home buyer tips

So what is going on with the Southeastern Michigan lake home real estate market… is a seller’s market.  There is limited inventory for the amount of lakefront homes that are out there.  The really nice waterfront properties and priced good are selling quickly.  However there are many lake homes in Southeastern Michigan that are over priced.  So you […]

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