When do you Lower your List price on your lake home?

When I meet with lake home sellers many times their idea of initial list price is much higher than the recent sold homes.  Once in a while they sell at a higher price than the sold comparables, but many times the house sits and sits.  Why do seller’s list so high?  Sometimes it comes down […]

9 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell your Michigan Lake home

When I list your Michigan Lake home my goal is to get you top dollar for your waterfront property.  But I need your help in doing this.   You may have to do a few things to make your home appeal to more buyers.  Sellers that listen to my advice usually get more money for their […]

Lake home selling tips – Early Spring curb appeal tips

This is my edition of Oakland County lake home selling tips – Early Spring curb appeal tips.  It is always a little dull between Winter and Summer.  Spring but not quite spring either because the flowers are not blooming or the leaves  have not come out.  Here are some quick tips on how to improve your curb […]

Selling your lake home – offering buyer incentives

What I noticed last fall is that there were many lake homes that did not sell all summer?  So how do you get your lake home sold?  I saw lake homes on White Lake in White Lake Township and lake homes on Pine Lake in West Bloomfield that did not sell.  So what was the problem.  So realtors […]

What is a home warranty? Oakland County waterfront home selling tips

When it comes to selling a waterfront home many sellers wonder what is a home warranty and what does it mean to me?  Some sellers offer a home warranty when listing a home, but many sellers have no idea of what a home warranty is or what are the implications of having one.  Some Oakland […]

Lake home selling tips – Painting tips

Todays blog is about Oakland County lake home selling tips and more indepth painting tips.  I do not know about you but painting is not my favorite job.  I do not have the steadiest hand for the cut in and straight lines.  It takes me time to do it but in the end I get the […]

Silly Stevie Seller – Pre-conceived notions – lake home selling tips

Lake home selling tips

I want to tell you a story about Silly Stevie Seller.   This story applies whether the lake house is on Forest Lake in Bloomfield Hills Michigan or Fox Lake in Commerce Michigan or any lake in Michigan.   This is now the 2nd year Silly Stevie has had his lakefront home on the market at the same price.  Silly […]

Get out of the house – Oakland County lakefront home selling tips

Bitten Lake/ Wallace Lake Brighton Michigan

If you have your White Lake home for sale and there are buyers scheduled to see the home…………get out of the house.  This Oakland County lakefront home selling tip will help you sell your house.  BUYERS HATE WHEN THE SELLERS ARE HOME.  They can’t talk about the house freely,  the buyers feel uncomfortable, they won’t […]

Staying warm & keeping them inside – Lake Home selling tips

We have hit a major cold spell here in the Metro Detroit area.  We have not had this type of cold  for a couple of years.  Many metro Detroit home buyers are staying inside.  So Metro Detroit lake home sales are down.  So how do we combat this slow down if you have your lake […]

Should you sell your White Lake front home now

I am just starting to receive calls about selling your White Lake front home now.  Many lakefront home owners in White Lake Township wonder whether it is the right time to sell their home in the winter months.  I believe the best time to sell your lakefront home in White Lake is in the spring […]

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