Buying a Michigan lake home with a partner

Being unmarried can create all sorts of legal and financial issues for people looking to buy a Michigan lakefront home.  Buying a Michigan lake home with a partner has so many different concerns that you and your loved one need to address before you pull the trigger.  Otherwise you may have financial and legal issues […]

Why picking the wrong lender can hurt you – Lake home buying tips

When buying a lake home you want to pick the right lender too.   I am going to explain why picking the wrong lender can hurt you.  Many of my clients pick the lender before I even see them.  I don’t care who you use so long as they are good and know what they are doing.  […]

How to be a smart Oakland County lake front home buyer in 2017

Some Oakland County lake front home buyers may be a little hesitant about buying a lake house. Lake home buyers may be worried about interest rates, or housing prices, or the economy, or where the lake home prices are headed.  Buying a home is not little decision and you want to make the right decision. If have been […]

How real estate agents lie with photos – lake home buying tips

Do Michigan real estate agents lie with photos?  A client said this lake house doesn’t look like the pictures on line at all.  Why didn’t they do all the rooms my client asked.  I have thought about this before when clients said now I see why they did not have more pictures on line.  The pictures definitely […]

Lake home inspections – Lake home buyer tips

Lake home inspections can be tricky business for several reasons.  One is that many lakefront homes in Oakland County are older homes.  Homes that were built before today’s tougher building codes.  Some waterfront properties in Oakland County have been added onto multiple times with no real thought to the way it should be done.  Sometimes […]

How much earnest money do you put down? – Waterford Lake home buying tips

One of the questions Waterford lake home buyers ask me is how much earnest money do you put down?  When you write your earnest money check you want to show the seller that you are serious about buying their house.  If it is a $400,000 house you do not want to write a $500 check.  […]

Lakefront home buying tips – Oakland County MI lakefront real estate

My name is Russ Ravary and I am a Southeastern Michigan realtor that helps buyers and sellers in our lakes area.  Here is another installment of my lakefront home buying tips.  Deciding on Oakland County MI lakefront real estate can be a daunting task because of the many different lakes.  There is one real estate […]

Lake home buying tips – Waterford lakefront real estate

Lakefront real estate Waterford Michigan

Get an added bonus when you buy your next home?  Russ not only will help you find a home that fits your needs at a great price, he also gives you a great closing gift of a new kayak, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower.  (up to $500 in value) Click Here to Get Your […]

Buying a home in the Winter – Milford home buying tips

My Milford home buying tip of the week is about buying a home in the winter.   You will be looking at the home when it is covered with snow in some cases.   You as a potential buyer of a Milford home could have issues when it snows.  How do you know what the roof looks […]

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