Sylvan Lake Waterfront homes for sale as of 5-9-13

They say that Sylvan Lake is the prettiest little city in the state of Michigan.  Residents rave about all there is here in Sylvan Lake, a beautiful hidden community in the middle of busy, but wonderful Oakland County.  A mile of city-owned lake front property, two private beaches and parks, restrooms, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, volleyball court, a beautiful Community Center on a spectacular setting, dock spaces that non-lakefront property owners can lease at an exceptional price, and the Clinton River Trail.  The lake and tree lined streets enchants homeowners with a peaceful setting and small town charm.  The area gives residents the best of both worlds offering safety and quality of life.  There are two other lakes in Waterford that you may like that are nearby  Eagle Lake in Waterford Michigan and Elizabeth Lake in Waterford MI

The bargain homes and the move in ready homes sometimes sell in just a few days.  So Many homebuyers never even see them because they are not getting the newest home listings sent to them.  Get the best homes emailed to you as soon as they hit the market.  Join my 

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Eagle Lake in Waterford

Eagle Lake in Waterford

Needless to say that Sylvan Lake waterfront homes for sale are hard to come by. However, I have done some research and found that while there may not be any Sylvan Lake waterfront homes for sale as of today, there are 7 homes that are for sale. These 7 homes (listed below) have lake access and privileges on all-sports lake, Sylvan Lake. The average price for these 7 homes is $190,971 and an average time on the market of only 17 days. So, if you are interested in living very close to the lake, having access and privileges to a lake, perhaps one on the below homes are for you. But hurry, these beauties go fast! Call me today to discuss these or other lakefront homes. I’m a seasoned realtor and a lakefront home owner myself.  I know the local lakefront real estate market.   Call me at 248-310-6239.  Remember we offer a great buyers bonus too.

Michigan buyer bonus

Michigan buyer bonus

1977 WARWICK ST 121000 10 1075 1955 N
2429 AVONDALE ST W 155000 0 1859 1965 N
1616 MAPLEWOOD ST 189000 45 1342 1927 N
1781 WARWICK ST 189900 10 1800 1954 N
1771 SHERWOOD ST 190000 30 1073 1959 N
1996 LAKELAND AVE 192000 11 1159 1928 N
1755 LAKELAND AVE 299900 15 2250 1925 N
Lake house on Sylvan Lake MI

Lake house on Sylvan Lake MI

Here is a  home selling tip if you are looking to list soon Top Winter Curb appeal tips or if you are buying a home here is a buyers tip How to win the bid on Oakland County lakefront homes.  When you decide to go with us our goal is to make your next move smoother.    If you would like a list of the latest homes and foreclosures join my ViP Lake Club.   We will send you the listings based on what you want in a home.

Inventory levels have fallen dramatically during 2012 and we have many buyers looking to buy a home and we are in need of good homes to sell them. Most homes that are in good condition and priced properly are selling in a matter of days and with multiple offers! So give me a call at (248) 310-6239.   I am happy to answer any real estate questions you have about waterfront homes or any other homes in Southeastern Michigan.

Here are three links to different homes in our area:

Dunleavy Lake is more of a swimming, kayak, paddleboat lake.  Where Duck Lake is just a little larger in Orion Township.  Do not get the two Duck Lakes confused. Duck Lake in Highland is a much bigger private all sports lake.










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