Staying warm & keeping them inside – Lake Home selling tips

We have hit a major cold spell here in the Metro Detroit area.  We have not had this type of cold  for a couple of years.  Many metro Detroit home buyers are staying inside.  So Metro Detroit lake home sales are down.  So how do we combat this slow down if you have your lake home listed?  Well first of all you have to make your lake home stand out.  Lake home buyers are looking for a deal in the winter.  Many lake home buyers are just starting their search in January and February.  They are in no rush to buy.  Whether it is Sugden Lake in White Lake Michigan or Susin Lake in Clarkston MI the lakes are most likely going to be ice covered and full of snow.  It is not like selling an Oakland County Lake home when the sun is shining on the lake.


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Metro Detroit winter

Metro Detroit winter

So your lake home must stand out and be one of the best deals around.  But if your lake home is listed right now you want to keep those buyers in the home.  So make your lake home cozy.  If you have a fireplace build a fire.  Put some cookies out so the buyers can have them.  Turn the heat up so it is comfortable in the house.  If the house is cold it is going to be a negative to the buyer in this weather.  They are going to think the house is drafty.  They might think the house is too big to heat affordably.  If your  Lakefront home on Cass Lake in West Bloomfield  is cold then they may not stay inside of it too long.

So do not be cheap when selling your Metro Detroit home.  Turn up the heat so the house is cozy.  Set the stage.  Have a nice scented candle burning.  Turn up the lights.  Start a fire if you have a fireplace.  Make your home a place to be on a cold Metro Detroit day.  These are my Metro Detroit lake home selling tips for January.  Call me if you are thinking of selling your Livingston or Oakland County lake home.

Winter in Michigan

Winter in Michigan

Turn on all the lights.  Do not let your home be dark and dreary.  Our Michigan skies are usually grey during our winter months and there is very little sunshine.  So there is very little natural light to make your lake house stand out.  So turn on the lights!Search the latest lakefront foreclosures and get them emailed to you so you do not miss out on the best deals.   Join my Lakefront VIP club  and find the home of your dreams.

There are some many different lakes in Metro Detroit area.  Here are some of the smaller lakes you may want to know more about.

Forest Lake is a quiet lake that is more of a prestigious lake with bigger homes on the lake.  I hope these lake house selling tips help you get more money for your home.  After all that is what you want right?


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