Snow tips – waterfront homes White Lake Township

Winter on White Lake Michigan

Winter on White Lake Michigan

How do you buy a waterfront home in the winter?  What is the downside and what should you be looking out for.  What has this cold weather done to the waterfront home market in White Lake Township?  Many waterfront home buyers have settled in and hibernated for the winter.  How do your really look at lake homes in the winter?  There is no way to even see what the lakefront is like?  Is the snow and ice covering up the lily pads?  Is the lake bottom mucky?  Is it really shallow out in front of the home?  What about the neighbors.  Is that snow pile next door covering up the junk?  Are there old snowmobiles, jet ski’s or trailers sitting around in the yard?  Is the snow really covering up how bad the house next door looks like?

Some of these waterfront homes in White Lake Township may be cottages or weekend getaways.   The snow may not have been shoveled at all.  It may be hard to even get into the waterfront home.  You may have to trudge through a foot of snow.  So what does the sidewalk look like?  How about the driveway?   Is it concrete or asphalt?  Is the driveway cracked up or un-level?  How big is it really?  With the snow on the ground you have no clue what the yard looks like at all.  Does it need major revamping.

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What I am trying to impress upon you is that when there is a foot of snow on the ground it makes the old saying “buyer beware” even more important.  There are so many things that a foot of snow covers.  You are not getting the true picture of what you are buying in a waterfront home in White Lake Michigan.  Yes you heard me right…’s not the best time to be looking for a waterfront home with so much snow.  If you are my buyer I want you to get a good home.  I want you to make the right decision.  With a foot of snow on the ground there are so many unknown variables.   The roof, the yard, the size of the driveway, the condition of the driveway.


Sure you are going to get a home inspector to check out the home.  There are so many things your home inspector really cannot give you a true answer on.  He doesn’t have special glasses to see through the snow either.  He is going to make assumptions on what is there.  He is going to protect himself in the report.  So the report is going to be vague.   If it is cold and windy outside the home inspector is not going to be spending much time out there.   It is not going to be a good outside inspection in these conditions.  There may be a string of 2 foot long icicles all the way down the house.    There may be an ice dam forming that may cause water damage.  I have several homes that have those issues right now.  I cannot even list them until the repairs are done.   I went to a listing appointment the other day.  The snow covered the roof.  The seller really surprised me when they told me that the roof was bad.  I couldn’t tell that with all the snow there.

Remember you cannot test the air conditioner either.  You may not be able to see the outside foundation of the home because of all the snow.  If there is a pool you may not even tell they have one.  Last night I went to see a house.  The buyer commented that there was a deck on the house.  I couldn’t tell that.  It just looked like a snow drift.  So what is the condition of the deck?  The buyer was able to see an old aerial photo of the house via google maps.  That is how he knew.  Sure I want to sell waterfront homes, but I would rather you wait to see the home after some of the snow has melted.

It is a gamble to buy a home with all the snow on it.  The only thing in your favor to buy right now is that there is not much buyer competition.  So you may be able to get a good lake home right now, but it is  a big gamble on some of the outside items.   If you would like a list of Waterfront homes for sale White Lake Michigan shoot me an email to  You can get more indepth information about local lakes in White lake Township at Lakefront foreclosure Brendel Lake White Lake Township

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