Silly Stevie Seller – Pre-conceived notions – lake home selling tips

Lake home selling tips

Lake home selling tips

I want to tell you a story about Silly Stevie Seller.   This story applies whether the lake house is on Forest Lake in Bloomfield Hills Michigan or Fox Lake in Commerce Michigan or any lake in Michigan.   This is now the 2nd year Silly Stevie has had his lakefront home on the market at the same price.  Silly Stevie will not listen to real estate agents.  He has his own pre-conceived notion of what the house is worth.  He had an agent before me, then I had the house listed and let him go.  Now he has another real estate agent listing the house. It still will not sell.

Silly Stevie has this idea that the house is worth $449,000.  It is priced about $45,000 to high.  So high that even when buyers like the house they do not put in an offer.  We marketed the house a lot on all the different websites like Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo, and to name a few of the hundreds of sites it was on.  It had it’s own webpage.  We blogged about it 10 times.  We got lots of showings, but it wouldn’t sell.

When a house will not sell because of three reasons, PRICE, CONDITION, INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL FACTORS.  Condition of the home you can change.  In Silly Stevie’s case the kitchen was outdated.  He wanted top price for a home with kitchen cupboards that were peeling and formica counter tops.   So Silly Stevie either had to put in a new kitchen or lower the price.  He did neither.   Internal or External factors like bad layout, limited parking, or so-so waterfront you can’t change.  Silly Stevie had sort of a odd layout that you entered the house and had to walk past the bedrooms and kitchen.  You can’t change that so you have to lower the price.  Lowering the price you can change factors like bad kitchens, or bad layout.  All homes will sell…… it is just what price will make a buyer put in an offer.  You have to lower the price at some point to find the sweet spot that buyers will buy your home.  Remember it does not matter if it is on Clam Lake in Waterford Township or it is a Cedar Island Lake Homes for Sale.  Price is the ultimate key on any home.  It would only be a fluke if an overpriced listing sold.  It has to be somebody that is really dumb to pay $45,000 more than a home is worth.  What are the odds of that?

All of us think that our house is the best.  That is why when I went to sell my own house this year I had two other realtors come in and tell me what I should do and what price I should put on it.  I’m a realtor but when it comes to your own house you put on those rose colored glasses and think it is the best.  I  listened to the realtor.  But Silly Stevie would  not listen that the house was overpriced or needed a kitchen.  S0 Silly Stevie still sits with his house and keeps paying the taxes, utilities, and upkeep.  The good news is that the lakefront market is rising……..who knows in two or three years Silly Stevie’s house may sell at the price he has.   Shoud you sell your White Lake front home now?

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