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I recently had a Waterford Township lake home owner ask me if they should stay during the home inspection.  They were worried about the home inspector and what they would find.  First of all home inspectors have no bias toward sellers.  They are just doing their job to help the buyers uncover any issues on the house.  For the most part most home inspectors know the building codes and what should or shouldn’t be done in a home.

They can spot a cover up or a botched homeowners repair.  When we hire a home inspector for a buyer they are sure to find small items.  But the items a buyer and buyers agent want to know about is the health, safety, and environmental issues that may come up.  They want to know about items that may cost the buyer thousands of dollars.  If you own a house on Williams Lake in Waterford Township Michigan and are selling it, you should fix any of the small items that you know need to be repaired.  The appearance of your home being well cared for helps reduce the worry of the future buyer.


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House problems

House problems


If the Waterford home inspector finds fifty little things to be repaired it is going to signal that the house wasn’t taken care of.  The home inspector is going to be looking for that big repair item.  The little easy things were not done, so most likely the big things were not taken care of either.

Being there when the home inspector is there is not going to sway the inspector.  I have had clients do it (over my advice not to be there) and it only has made matters worse.  No amount of arguing with the inspector, or telling them it is no big deal because it has been that way for years will make the problem disappear.  What is no big issue to you may be a big issue to the buyer.

So let the Waterford home inspector do their home inspection on your Waterford lakefront  home.  Do not worry about what the home inspector may find.  We will deal with the issue when it comes up.  We may have to get it fixed, or you have the option of lowering the price, or not fixing the problem (you will probably lose the sale if you go that route).  But you do have three choices of what to do after the home inspection.  But do not worry about what they might find.

I hope this Oakland County lake home selling tip about fixing the little things help you get through the home inspection easier.

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