Selling your lake home – offering buyer incentives

What I noticed last fall is that there were many lake homes that did not sell all summer?  So how do you get your lake home sold?  I saw lake homes on White Lake in White Lake Township and lake homes on Pine Lake in West Bloomfield that did not sell.  So what was the problem.  So realtors will say there are three factors that contribute to the sale of a home.  They are:

    1. Price
    2. Condition
    3. Location

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Gilbert Lake Bloomfield MI

Gilbert Lake Bloomfield MI

I believe there is one more factor in lake homes that contribute to the sale of the home.  That is external and internal factors.  What I mean by external and internal factors is items such as:

  • Amount of parking
  • Lake bottom – sandy or mucky
  • Lake front weeding or open
  • Odd inside layout
  • Homes nearby

There are so many factors that you cannot change that affect the sale of the home so what do you do?  The ultimate rule is ALL HOMES SELL….IT IS JUST ABOUT THE PRICE.  At some point a home becomes a value for some buyer when the price it right. It does not matter if it is a dump.  It does not matter if the home sits between two of the worst homes in the neighborhood.  All homes sell.  I have never seen an Oakland County lake home that did not sell.  At some point when it becomes cheap enough somebody will buy it.  But what do you do whe you do not want to lower the price?

Home buyer tips

Take the wall paper down

If people are not buying your lake home because it has wall paper and needs paint then it may pay to have the wall paper taken down and painted.  Simple little fixes sometimes are worth doing to get your lake home sold.  It doesn’t matter if it is on a small lake like Cooley Lake in White Lake or a large lake like Woodland Lake in Brighton.  Fixing up your home sells it.

But somebody told you about offering buyer’s incentives.  Should you offer a carpet allowance if you do not want to pay to replace the carpet yourself?  What about offering a painting allowance?  Should you offer to pay for some of the buyers closing costs?  The goal is to get your home sold.  The bottom line is that all these allowances and concessions affect your bottom line.  So I always believe that it is smarter to lower the listing price than to offer the incentives.

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I know a lot about the local lakes and my goal is to help you find a lakefront home that fits what you want to do on a lake.  I do not want you to buy a lake home on a small lake like Darb Lake in West Bloomfield when you want your grand kids to be able to drive jet ski’s around.  No do I want you to get on a busy lake like Cass Lake if you are looking for a quiet lake.

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