Pine Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

If you are just starting your search of local waterfront properties in the surrounding Metro Detroit suburbs you will note that Oakland County has many lakes that are within a 45 to an hour drive of downtown Detroit.  So what can be better than that working hard all week to be able to come home at night and relax on the lake.  Even back in the early 1900’s Detroiter’s were fighting the dirt roads and the mud to get out to the local lakes.  West Bloomfield has several lakes that are large enough for water sports.  Lakes like Walnut and Pine Lake have attracted affluent buyers since the early 1900’s.  Detroiter’s used to come out and camp on the weekends on the local lakes.

Prestigious Pine Lake Country Club is on the north side of Pine Lake.  The club has outdoor tennis courts, an indoor tennis house, swimming pool and deck areas, renovated golf course and a beautiful clubhouse.  Pine Lake Country Club was originally the Automobile Club of Detroit (started in 1902).  Some of the early members were John Dodge, Ransom Olds, Henry Ford, Ray Chapin, E. P. Hammond, W. C. Hartman and James Couzens.

You will find many beautiful homes on the lake.  There are no ramshackle old homes on the lake any more.  The cost of a vacant lot would shock most lake buyers.  There are many beautiful waterfront luxury estates.  In 2014 I saw a home that was on a 50′ lot that was priced over a million dollars.  Pine Lake is one of those lakes that affluent buyers want.  You aren’t going to find a large $400,000 lakefront property here….in fact you would be lucky to find a lake front property on the lake for under $500,000.  That is the type of lake it is.

Two of the school districts that the lake falls in are West Bloomfield School District, and Bloomfield Hills School District.  They are two excellent school systems that add to the prestige of the lake.  Another great characteristic of the lake is that is does have a marina that sells gas.  Very few inland lakes in Oakland County have a gas station on them.  It makes it so easy to fill up the boat when there is a gas station on the lake.

 So many of the good lake homes get sold before the average buyer even gets to see them.  I have seen homes sell in under a week.  The good lake homes go quick.  If you want the latest lake home listings emailed to you daily so you can look at them at your leisure.

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Pine Lake West Bloomfield

Pine Lake West Bloomfield

Pine Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan is a private all sports lake that is 395 acres in size and 90′ ft in the deepest spot.  If you are looking for a waterfront property in West Bloomfield Michigan give me a call on my cell phone at (248) 310-6239.  Remember when you buy and close on a home with me as your realtor I will credit you or buy you a new lawnmower or a kayak.  So give us a call.

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