Oakland County Lake properties – thoughts about building

Are you thinking about buying an Oakland County Lake property to build a new lakefront home? Building a lakefront home can have many challenges that some prospective vacant lot buyers do not think about. Before you buy a Oakland County Lake property you need to do your research. You need to go the communities building department and ask a lot of questions.  There is so much more to think about when building a lake home than looking at Lakefront homes for sale in Oakland County Michigan because all the decisions are made on a home that is built.  Sure you may remodel, but it is not the same as having to do the research whether the lot is buildable or not.

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Grass Lake in White Lake Township

Grass Lake in White Lake Township

No you do not ask your real estate agent to do it. No I’m not trying to getting out of work. You do not want to get second hand information. Did you ever play the game as a kid where one person whispers in the next person’s ear. By the end of the line what the first person said is totally different than what the person heard. It is the same way with asking somebody to go ask questions for you about building a lakefront home.

It is very important for you to know the specific answers. You have it in your head what you are planning to do with this Oakland County Lakefront property. Some of the questions you need to be asking are:

1.) Is the lot buildable?
2.) Does the new house need a septic or will it need to be hooked up to a sewer system?
3.) What are the size requirements of the septic field for the size of house you want?
4.) What are the set back from the road?
2.) What are the set back from the water ( there are restrictions in many communities not to block a neighbors view)
3.) What are the Side set backs? The home you build has to be so far away from the lot lines
4.) Footprint. The house and usually any hard surface can only be a certain percentage of the lot. This is very important to know. I had one client that thought he could variate from this. The building department made him rip out stairs down to the lake.

Oakland County Lake properties

Buildable or not – Oakland County Lake properties

You would have to talk to community’s building department if you plan to build a home on a vacant Oakland County lake property to find out what their specific restrictions are. The key is to do your research before you buy the property. Knowing the communities restrictions will help you decide on a lake. It will help you eliminate some of the Oakland County lakefront properties that are out there.

There are always vacant lots or homes that can be torn down on Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan or on Oxbow Lake White Lake Township Michigan or on Lake Sherwood Waterfront Properties.  Tearing down a property adds more cost to the building process.  Remember just because there is a home on the lot does not mean that you can build another lake home.  You still have to meet all the communities building department guidelines when you tear that lake home down.

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I recently saw a big beautiful log home up on Lakeville Lake Addison Township.  It was a newer home and it was absolutely gorgeous with stunning views of the lake.  Some owner put a lot of thought and planning when building that log home.  They paid attention to little details to make it one of the nicest homes I have seen in a while.  You would not want to build a Lakefront Homes on Leonard Lake in Highland Township Michigan like that because you would never get your money back out of it.  There were no other big homes on Leonard Lake so it would always be hard to appraise the new home.  Just little things to think about when building a lake home.


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