Oakland County Lake Ice still not safe

Ice skating

As of yesterday many lakes in Oakland County the ice was not completely safe.  My friends and I were talking about driving our quads on the ice next weekend, but I know that is going to be put off for sure.  This morning I saw two different reports of people being pulled out of the water after falling in.  One of the lakes was Scott lake in Waterford.  If you are like me you can’t wait to get out there after last winter’s high temperatures.

It was so warm last year it was never safe to drive a quad on the ice.  It was so warm it ice fisherman had a short period.  So if you are a ice fisherman, ice skater, hockey player, or snowmobiler stay safe.  Be sure to wait a while longer before you venture out on the ice.  If you have an ice auger use it to see how thick the ice is before you venture out too far.

Important factors in good ice formation include:

Steady sub-freezing temperatures; the colder it is for a longer period of time results in a better freeze up of lake waters.

Calm days and nights; the less the wind blows, the faster and more solid ice freezes.

Water type; if the lake you fish or skate on is a large body of water or is spring-fed, it will freeze at a slower rate than that of a smaller clearer lake.

Heavy snows; if there has been a lot of precipitation in the form of snow (or worse, rain) the formation of good ice is hindered. Pay attention to the amount and type of accumulations that have occurred recently.

Vegetation; shoreline plants result in thinner ice. Cattails and tree roots near the water’s edge can weaken ice and slow formation. Avoid these areas when possible.

Location-specific factors; if there are springs, feeder creeks or aquifers that put water into the lake, make sure you know where those areas are to avoid weak ice. The more moving water in a location, the less solid the ice will be. Pay close attention to the weather, and talk to local tackle shops and fishing guides about ice formation, as they are usually the first to know.  Too often on lakes like Strawberry Lake on the Huron River chain snowmobilers drown because of thin ice due to moving water below the ice.

So please be safe and enjoy the winter activities on our local lakes.

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