Oakland County lakes and Lake homes

Oakland County Michigan has many, many different lakes that any water person will love.  There are quiet lakes that only can have man powered boats on.  There are electric motor lakes for lake owners that want quiet.  There is even a limited all sports lake where there are no jet skis allowed and boat/motor sizes are limited.  Of course there are many sizes of all sports lakes.  The largest all sports lake in Oakland County is Cass Lake at 1280 acres.  There are many small all sports lakes, some as small as 40 acres.

Boating enthusiasts that love water sports need an all sports lake.  They need to be able to drive a speed boat or a pontoon boat and tow people behind it.  Whether it is wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, or knee boarding you need a decent sized Oakland County Lake.  On all sports lakes you can also use jet skis.

Brendel Lake White Lake MIThe key to finding the right lake home is to know what you want to do on the lake.  What will bring you the biggest satisfaction when living on the lake.  Is it?

  • Watching the wildlife
  • Sitting on the deck watching the sun come up or go down
  • Jet skiing
  • Kayaking, or canoeing on the lake
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Loading up the pontoon with friends & family
  • Skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing

Depending on what you see you and your family doing that is important to determining what type of lake you should be on.  That is one of my goals to find a house and a lake that fits you and your family.  A lake that you will love and not feel that you have outgrown.  A place to make memories.

Remember we have no motor lakes, non-gas motor lakes (electric motors allowed), limited all sports lakes (no jet skis allowed), and all sports lakes.  So it does matter what you want to do.  Lake rules on what types of boats and motors are strictly enforced.  If you buy a home on a electric motor lake you are not going to be putting in a Malibu ski boat on it.  The residents will be up in arms over it.  Some lakes like Orchard Lake does not allow you to have alcoholic beverages on the boat.  So you need to prioritize what type of lake you want.  So give me a call whether you are buying or selling on any lake in South eastern Michigan.  I know the lakes real estate prices. well.  My cell phone is (248) 310-6239.

May life always treat you and your family well.

Russ Ravary

Phone: (313) 310-9855 | Email: yesmyrealtor@gmail.com