Not so quick – Oakland County lakefront home selling tips

2013 is turning out to be an unique year.  Oakland County lakefront homes are selling quick.   Here is my Oakland County Lakefront home selling tips about “Not so quick”.  Our Metro Detroit real estate market is red hot in the spring of 2013.  If you have a Oakland County lakefront home that is in good to excellent shape and is geared for year round use it is going to sell quickly.   What I mean by year round use is that a family could live in it as their primary home.  In fact it may have multiple offers and have a bidding war!  It is a great time for Oakland County lakefront home owners to sell because interest rates are still low and there is a limited amount of Oakland County lakefront real estate to sell.

4830 Sherwell Waterford MI Elizabeth lake homes for sale

4830 Sherwell Waterford MI Elizabeth lake homes for sale

So if you own a piece of Oakland County lakefront real estate here is my home selling tip…… Do not negotiate so quick.  But remember this changes from year to year.  If you have a Green Lake waterfront home in West Bloomfield Michigan 2014 or 2016 real estate market may be totally different.  So be sure to have a lake realtor on your side have  Yes this is opposite of what I normally want you to do.  I normally want a negotiation tied up quickly and the purchase agreement signed by all parties quickly.  That way you know you have a deal before anybody changes their mind.  But here in the spring of 2013 I want you to slow down.  Take a day or two if your Oakland County lakefront home is priced right and the home is in good to excellent condition. I would bet that you will get at least another buyer wanting to bid on your house.

One way to make sure to get your Oakland County lakefront home multiple bids is to list it on the MLS but do not let anybody see it for 4 or 5 days.   It does not matter whether it is Scott Lake in Waterford Michigan or Silver Lake in Waterford Michigan we want to build excitement about your lake home.  Tell everybody we can on every website we can.

Let the first day be a Saturday.   That way the buyers have had time to view on the MLS, and time to set up a showing.  You should have 5 or more showings in a few days.  I want you to get the highest price possible for your Oakland County lakefront home.  All my home buyers are going through this same situation whether it is a  Northville home for sale, Highland Township foreclosures, or a lakefront home for sale in Oakland County Michigan.  It is happening to any piece of Southeastern Michigan real estate that is in good to excellent shape. I have been to homes where it looks like a party with 15 to 20 cars lining the street with all the realtors and home buyers waiting to get into the home.  I hope this Plymouth real estate selling tip helps you get more money for your home!   If you are looking to sell your Metro Detroit Home give me a call I work hard to get your home sold for more! View more information on   Here are more Oakland County lake home selling tips to help you get more money for your home.  Just so to selling tips on the side panel.

Here are two quick lake links about other lakes in the metro Detroit area Buck Lake Homes for Sale and Bullard Lake Lakefront Foreclosures.  There are so many different lakes out there it is hard to know them all.


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