National Play in the Sand Day! move to the lake, lake life,

Happy National Play In The Sand Day!!!!

sand sculptures2

If you haven’t gotten out in the sun enough this summer today’s national holiday gives you the perfect excuse to do just that! National Play in the sand day…. this holiday is some what silly but isn’t that the best part? people can do amazing things with sand. Ya know it’s not limited to making sand pies and squishing your toes into. Some of the things people do with sand are truly works of art, and the best part is they are having fun doing it! Sand is remarkable and fun to play in whether your building and old school sand castle or working on a masterpiece! Maybe you just want to lay in the sand and catch some rays… a sandy beach is always a fun place to go.

So like i said if you haven’t been out there enough… or at all this summer, go out there and have some fun in the sun and the sand!….Who knows maybe you’ll create something as spectacular as this!

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