National Mulled Cider Day!!!


Mulled cider gets its name from the definition of mull, which means to flavor a beverage by heating it and adding spices. 

Mulled cider is a hot or warm drink, typically made from apple juice or cider, and is most popular during autumn and winter. It is sometimes called wassail, or wassail punch. However, typically wassail would be made with ale or beer. Modern, child-friendly versions are more likely to be made with either apple or cranberry juice, or a combination of juices.


What’s a better drink to have, on a chilly fall day; like today, than warm spiced cider? With a drink like this you can add just about any of your favorite flavors. Keep it cold, make it hot, go ahead and freeze it if you’d like. Cider has many different ways to enjoy it, for kids letting them add cinnamon sticks for straws can be silly and fun, while adding a delicious flavor. For adults heat it over the stove and add a dash of spiced rum, to make a delectable cocktail that warms you from the inside on these chillier days. For a party of all ages throw in some orange slices and cinnamon sticks for flavor, maybe add some fresh cranberries or mint leaves for a garnish. Everyone will love the taste, and want to copy the look of that tasty drink! 


Fall is such a wonderful time of year with the fresh crisp air to wake up to, the warm colors to gaze at, the feeling of change to maybe get you to try something you’ve never thought of before. Apple orchards, warm donuts, pumpkins and costumes, autumn brings a genuine feeling of excitement and thrill. What will you decide to do this fall? Will you try a new recipe for mulled cider? Will you go to the orchard, pick apples and try making your own cider? Well I don’t know about that one, but its fun to look at all the possibilities we have during this season! So try a recipe for mulled cider and see what your taste buds crave!

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