National Gossip Day!!

Today is among one of the strangest national holidays I’ve heard of, but a holiday none the less. Its…. dare i say it… National Gossip Day!!!

        I know gossip is such an ugly habit that society just cannot break…. but on the other hand that is how most people hear about things these days. So I guess it really depends on how you look at it, yes it can be about things that are bad but it can also be about things that are GREAT, like working with Russ Ravary as your realtor! So when it comes to gossip I choose to spread the word about how Russ Ravary makes finding a home that fits your wants and needs as easy for you as possible! He sets up personal searches specified to all the requirements you’ve told him about, makes scheduling times to see these homes primarily focused on your schedule so that you don’t have to deal with finding baby sitters or missing work, I’m telling you he is among the best realtors out there and he truly does want to find you a home fit for you and your loved ones. No matter how old you are, whether you’r looking for your first home or your last, Russ can find what you need. He has a sense of urgency when it comes to putting your needs first so you really feel as though you’re working with a friend, not just a realtor you just met. Not to mention that when it comes to dealing with other agents and sellers, he always has your back, so that you are getting the best deal! Russ Ravary is a realtor you can trust, and one who knows what its like dealing with all the paperwork and phone calls. So when I say he will make this as simple for you as he possibly can he truly goes out of his way to do so! Now I know that when you call Russ Ravary, you will see what i have been telling you about this whole time, maybe you will feel so happy you’ve chosen to work with him you just feel the need to spread the word to a friend or family member… using gossip in a positive way! After all focusing on the positive things that happen to us and sharing those stories are soo much more interesting, right?  so feel free to gossip about all the great work that Russ Ravary has done or is doing to help you buy or sell your home!

       If all this gossip has made you consider giving Russ Ravary a call to buy or sell your home, go ahead pick up the phone and give him a call at (248)310-6239 or shoot him an email at

 now when your on the phone or typing that email, make sure you ask him about the great buyers bonus deal he has going on now! Trust me you wont want to miss out on that!

Here’s to National Gossip Day!

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