National Friendship Day!!!


The day of international friendship, I’m urging all of you and those around me to try and get a hold of those old pen pals they used to write to every week, when the times were based on friendships of all kinds when we cared about sharing great news instead of spreading the bad. A time where we truly valued the friends that we’ve grown to love over the years. I hope this post will move everyone that reads it to go see an old friend or maybe a friend that’s not out of touch maybe you just saw them over the weekend, I urge you to call a friend and ask how they are, not what the drama in their life is. We need to get back to that time where things were much simpler and friendships and family were the most important thing one could think of, not cell phones, money, or things. Where going to your friend’s house on your bike just to hangout for an hour was enough, when reading the thoughtful words someone had taken the time to write you personally, was enough to make your heart fill with glee. Friendship no matter who it may be with is truly the most important thing in life, whether your best friend is half way around the world, or lives with you, maybe it’s your mom, or your neighbor, friendship is acceptance that the world needs to embrace! We cannot grow as a world together without it! Friendship is the glue that holds it all together. So reach out to a friend and enjoy the conversation.

Cheers to National Friendship Day!!!!

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