National Face Your Fear Day!!

National Face Your Fear Day!!! 

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we all have them…. whether we think about them constantly or not. Whether we let them consume us or not. Whether we show them or not. We all have fears. Big or small, most of us pretend they aren’t real by avoiding any situation that could possibly allow them to occur. What a feeling it would be to break the chains from which our fears hold us down in. To be free from fear and feel unstoppable. To have the mind power to overcome them and push on, what good would come from this! We might not all fear things that will effect the world or make a huge difference to those around us… but some of us might. Just imagine what the world could be like if we stopped fearing the unknown, the uncomfortable, the non-traditional. Some of us fear conforming, while others fear losing structure. When we look back in history much of what has destroyed the world, has in one way or another, been caused from fear itself. Fear of those who are different, fear of losing power, fear of losing something that was never ours, yours, or theirs to begin with.  We lose sight of what could be when we get lost in the blurred vision of what our fears say could be. Listening to our fears holds us back and pushes us in directions which usually end badly. Listening to our fears doesn’t have to mean we will end up in war or fights or deaths, but it can also mean we don’t live. We don’t live in a world that was intended for us, why would we all be here to destroy ourselves and our habitat?why would this be to challenge us to push us to our fears to confront them,, to over come them? probably….. probably because we need to look at the bigger picture. People have superstitions or facts or beliefs that the world will end. i wonder if that is because we are too afraid to grow together and protect each other? We need to change the world, we need to change our fears… change them to living in the world we currently are so that we see a better place for our children, or families, and friends. Making our fears obsolete to find new purpose in life to see the bigger picture. obviously some of our fear will always linger in someway, like being afraid of the dark, or spiders, or heights. The fears we need to make the biggest effort to over come is fear of diversity, nonconformity, love and peace, and finding cures to heal those around us. we need to come together, stop fearing what will happen if we do and start thinking about what will happen if we don’t!

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