Most popular lakes in Oakland County Michigan!

Most popular lakes in Oakland County Michigan!

Here are a few of the most popular lakes in Oakland county Mi. By popular I don’t just mean the most people live on these lakes, but also where there is the most boat traffic, from residents and some non-lakefront residents. I mean that these are the lakes most desired to live on. Here are the lakes that come to most local residents minds when they think of moving to the lake, or even just to visit! These lakes are great for anyone that likes to have a good time. They are all, all-sports lakes, and have plenty of room for whatever water sport you are interested in. These lakes in Oakland county MI, have been well maintained and clean. Some have public access while others don’t and some are patrolled by sheriffs to maintain order. You’ll definitely feel safe and comfortable letting your kids take the boat or kayaks out on one of these lakes! That is a big part of lakefront home buying some people focus on while other don’t even think about. How safe is the lake you currently live on or wish to live on? Lake safety knowledge is crucial during the crazy summer months! So when you go to search for a lakefront home, be sure to ask about it. Knowing how busy the lake is during the week and especially the weekend will help you determine your comfort level with said lake. Keep in mind almost all the lakes you will ever find that are all-sports and have public access are going to be pretty busy during the summer weekends…. nothing out of the ordinary. So don’t let that scare you off. Just remember that you along with your children should always be current on any rules/ restrictions the lake may have! Lake life is a total game changer and once you get a taste your going to want soo much more. The dream sunsets or sunrises, the wonderful breezes and fresh scents. The soothing sounds of waves crashing into shore. It truly makes you feel like you are on a permanent vacation! I myself can’t imagine living any other way. The hard work you put in to maintain a beautiful setting is totally completely worth every sunset you get to watch after a long hard day!

So come start your lakefront home search with Russ Ravary and start relaxing by the water sooner than you thought!

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White Lake  White Lake Twp MI 

White Lake is White Lake Township’s largest lake.  It is relatively a large lake with two islands.  There are lots of nice White Lake waterfront properties on this lake. There is a small restaurant right on the lake The White Lake Inn.  A great place to catch a meal. Many of the local residents park near the island closest to this restaurant to mingle and relax. Homes on the east side of the lake sit above the lake (Ridge Rd). So there are stairs needed to get down to the lake.  On the west and north side of the lake most of the homes are level with the lake. Depending on what you are looking for this lake could be a great option for you!

  • Cities the lake lies in                        White Lake, Highland
  • School district for the lake              Huron Valley
  • Streets around the lake are             Paved, grvel
  • City water                                           Well
  • City sewer                                           Septic
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                yes
  • Water-ski course                              n/a
  • Condominiums                                 no
  • All sports lake                                   Yes
  • Public access                                     Yes
  • Public access parking                      18 spaces
  • Surface area                                      540 acres
  • Public Beach                                     No
  • Size N to S                                         Roughly 1 1/2 mile long
  • Size E to W                                        Roughly 1/3 to 1/2 mile
  • Maximum depth                               32 feet
  • North end depth                               Mostly under 8 ft deep
  • South end depth                               Around 20 ft deep
  • Lake Associations                            Yes – Multiple associations
  • Wake restrictions                             No wake in the canal and some bays
  • Water source                                     Part of the Huron River Watershed

Duck Lake in Highland Twp MI

This lake is a private lake, with no public access. It is quite large at about 253 acres! It is fairly deep and is all sports. As the homes on this lake vary in price and in size, I’d have to say that the west side of the lake is a tad pricier. This is where you will find newer, bigger colonials that can go up to the million dollar price range! This lake goes all the way to Axford acres, which is a neighborhood, on the same side of the lake. Axford Acres has a subdivision feels and a nice brick home appearance. On the opposite side of the lake, the east side, you will find older lake cottages.  There are also larger re-done and added on homes. This is a beautiful lake with great hang out spots in several areas. I know there is a home here you will fall in love with!

  • Cities the lake lies in                  Highland
  • School district for the lake        Huron Valley
  • Streets around the lake are       Paved
  • City water                                     well
  • City sewer                                     septic
  • Canals on Lake                            yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake           yes
  • Water-ski course                         n/a
  • Condominiums                            no
  • All sports lake                              Yes
  • Private                                           yes
  • Size                                                 253 acres
  • Maximum Depth                         31 feet
  • Public Access                                No
  • Public Beach                                 No
  • Wake restrictions                        Unknown
  • Canals                                            Yes with quiet bays
  • Water Source                                Unknown

Oxbow Lake White Lake Township MI

Oxbow Lake has a very large population of swans.  There is a bar on the lake called Sprader’s on the Lake.  The southern part of the lake runs right along Elizabeth Lake Rd.  So there are quite a few homes right on Elizabeth Lake Rd. This Lake is part of the Huron River Chain.  It is fed upstream by Tull Lake and Pontiac Lake.  The run off from the lake flows into Cedar Island Lake. The architectural styles of homes are mostly ranches and colonials though you will find bungalows, cape cods, split level homes, and contemporary homes.. Like most Oakland County MI Lakes there are not a lot of wide open spaces or privacy.  The homes are not widely spaced apart. There is plenty of lake access homes near Oxbow Lake!

  • Cities the lake lies in                      White Lake
  • School district for the lake            Huron Valley
  • Streets around the lake are           Paved, Gravel
  • City water                                         Well, muncipal
  • City sewer                                         Septic
  • Canals on Lake                                yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake              yes
  • Water-ski course                            n/a
  • All sports lake                                 Yes
  • Private                                              Yes
  • Size                                                    270 acres
  • Maximum Depth                            72 feet
  • Public Access                                   No
  • Public Beach                                    No
  • Wake restrictions                            Unknown
  • Water Source                                   Unknown

Cass Lake in Waterford Twp Michigan, is a very large lake, at 1280 acres! This lake is definitely all sports and is perfect for wake-boarding, skiing, tubing, and more! This lake is not private, there are public access beaches along the shoreline in multiple spots. One of the public areas is through Dodge Park, which has over 80 parking spots. There is definitely room for your friends on this lake. As for the kids, of course they will love living on this lake, but also might not have to change schools. The children on this lake attend: Waterford, and West Bloomfield schools!

  • Cities the lake lies in                            Waterford, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake
  • School district for the lake                  Waterford, West Bloomfield
  • Streets around the lake are                 paved , private
  • City water                                                well, community, municipal
  • City sewer                                                sewer sanitary, sewer at street
  • Canals on Lake                                       yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                     yes
  • Water-ski course                                   n/a
  • Condominiums                                     yes
  • Cass Lake size                                       1280 acres
  • All sports lake                                       Yes
  • Wake restrictions                                 Yes in some areas
  • Deepest spot                                          123 ft deep
  • Average Depth                                      26 feet
  • Approx size                                           .3 mile wide X 1 mile long
  • Public access                                         Yes through Dodge Park
  • No# of parking spots                          over 80 at public access
  • Public Beach                                        unknown ( if you know email me)
  • Marina on lake                                    Yes
  • Shoreline                                              Approx. 25 miles
  • Named                                                  After early Michigan Governor Lewis  Cass
  • Water Source                                      Orchard Lake drains into Cass Lake

Pontiac Lake in White Lake Twp. MI. Pontiac Lake is a large lake, as well as, the ones listed before it.  This lake is about 612 acres and 34 feet deep. It is an all sports lake and there are several marinas located along the shore lines of this lake. There are also state parks for the public to attend. Not only does this lake provide fun for the public with events such as Quake on the lake or other holiday events, this lake has 17 islands on it! This lake would be great for you and the kids. While there is plenty of spots the adults can hang out at, there is also areas which are completely kid friendly. This lake has something for everyone in the family. Come check it out!

  • Cities the lake lies in                      White Lake Twp.
  • School district for the lake            Waterford
  • Streets around the lake are           Paved,
  • City water                                         Well, muncipal, community
  • City sewer                                         Septic, sewer sanitary, common septic
  • Canals on Lake                                yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake              no
  • water-ski course                             n/a
  • Condominiums                               yes
  • All Sports                                         Yes
  • Size                                                    612 acres
  • Deepest Spot                                   34 foot
  • Overall average depth                   8 ft (guess by marina owner)
  • Wake Restrictions                          A  couple of no wake zones
  • Public Beach                                    State Park & several marinas/picnic rental areas
  • Public boat access                          State park & several marinas
  • Public access parking                    Lots
  • Water Source                                  Huron River Watershed
  • Lake Association                            NO
  • Islands                                              17 islands

Union Lake West Bloomfield Michigan  

Union Lake is what I would consider more of a upper end lake. You’ll find homes that are taken care of, bigger, and newer. However you won’t find many of the old cottages on this lake. Waterfront property sizes range from 45 feet to 3/4 of an acre. Union Lake homes and properties will be a little pricier than homes say on Cooley Lake or Long Lake right across the street. Colonial home sizes range from 1400 square foot to over 7200 square foot. There are contemporary homes that range from 2500 square feet to 7888 square feet. Even some of the ranches are big, the largest being 4200 sqft!

  • Cities the lake lies in                          Commerce, West Blommfield
  • School district for the lake                Walled lake , waterford
  • Streets around the lake are               Paved
  • City water                                             Municipal, well
  • City sewer                                             Sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                     no
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   no
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                    no
  • All sports lake                                      Yes
  • Private                                                   No
  • Size                                                        465 acres
  • Maximum Depth                                110 feet
  • Public Access                                       Yes Off Union Lake Road
  • Public Beach                                        No
  • Wake restrictions                               Unknown
  • Water Source                                      Unknown

Maceday Lake Waterford Twp MI

Maceday Lake real estate in Oakland County Mi, is a great area to choose to live on. Not only is Maceday lake a great one, but it also connects to Lotus Lake! There is a paved DNR access ramp that allow 16 parking spots.   There are two islands in the lake totaling 21 acres, so the surface area of the lake is really 231 acres. It connects to Lotus Lake through a shallow canal on the north end.  The level was probably raised when the dam was installed in Waterford to create Van Norman Lake.  Maceday Lake has 18888 feet of shoreline, not including the islands. The elevation of the lake is 966 feet above sea level. The lake is in the Clinton River basin. This is a great All-sports lake to raise your family and invite friends on!

  • Cities the lake lies in                             Waterford
  • School district for the lake                  Waterford, Clarkston
  • Streets around the lake are                 Paved
  • City water                                               Municipal water, well
  • City sewer                                               Sewer sanitary, septic
  • Canals on Lake                                      yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                    yes
  • Water-ski course                                  n/a
  • Condominiums                                     yes
  • All sports lake                                       Yes
  • Private                                                    No DNR Access off Williams Lake Rd
  • Size                                                         234 acres together with Lotus it is 419 acres
  • Maximum Depth                                 117 feet
  • Public Access                                        Yes
  • Public Beach                                         N/A
  • Wake restrictions                                Unknown
  • Water Source                                       Clinton River Water Shed


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“Relocating to Michigan from Texas this past summer (2009) was a really big decision for our family.  Of course, the most stressful part of a move is deciding not only where you want to live, but finding a house that fits into your price range and also fits your family’s personality.  With my husband traveling internationally for work and a child wrapping up the school year, we had only a specific time frame that allowed us to visit Michigan for house-hunting.  One of my husband’s work colleagues referred us Russ, and we contacted him to start our search.  The next day, Russ sent us lists of homes that fit our criteria and followed up with weekly updates, allowing us to develop a list of homes that we wanted to see during our house-hunting trip.  Russ is a consummate professional – his knowledge of the real estate in the Detroit Metro area is impressive! He also knows about schools, places of worship, things to do in particular areas…he really provided us with so much information that we really felt comfortable about our move.  Russ makes the effort to understand his clients very well…he knew right away whether we like a home or not, he paid attention to the details we liked, and also made great suggestions.
When we arrived in Michigan, Russ had made all the appointments and after looking for a couple of days, we narrowed our search down to our top 6 homes.  We made an offer on our favorite, which wasn’t successful.  But within hours, Russ called to say that a home we had seen ( but had been a little out of our price range) was now a short sale – and if we were still interested.  Through his expertise, we managed to get our dream house right before our daughter started her new school.  Russ stayed in touch with us  through every aspect of the transaction and kept us updated on all details.  We could also count on Russ for referrals to professionals such as plumbers, electricians, etc. for a few renovations we’ve done since moving in.   He is truly a treasure-trove of knowledge and his input should be trusted – he knows what he is talking about.
I’m a picky person.  My husband is a stickler for detail.  Our move was time-critical.  But Russ was so great to work with because he understood that about us and worked so hard to get us into a home that we truly love.  We can’t thank him enough! “

                                                                       -The Heins


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