Most Expensive lake home: Turtle Lake

This is just one of the most expensive homes on Turtle lake, this home is beautiful inside and out as you can see it has many attractive features other than the lake itself and anyone who lived here will most definitely feel royal. with all the exciting feature this home has to offer makes it one of a kind, with the detailed and intricate architecture and rustic twang subtly tossed into the design anyone will feel at home here! if your looking for a home as luxurious as this or you’d like to see this home Give Russ Ravary a call and we can set up an appointment, schedule to see homes just as gorgeous as this one! and all you have to do is dial (248)310-6239 or send him an email at ….. simple as that! just think one phone call could have you moving into a home like this gorgeous property here!

Get an added bonus when you buy your next home?  Russ not only will help you find a home that fits your needs at a great price, he also gives you a great closing gift of a new kayak, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower.  (up to $500 in value)

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