Mold in the lake house – Home inspection problems

About a month ago I had a client buying a West Bloomfield lakefront home.  We had an home inspector go out and the West Bloomfield home inspector found a lot of mold from the attic.  Mold is found in the attic when there is no ventilation in the attic.  Sometimes there is a lack of roof vents or the soffits have been covered up when more insulation was added to the attic.  The mold in this West Bloomfield lakefront home had been half hearted cleaned up, but because the problem of lack of ventilation wasn’t fixed there was more mold now.

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West Bloomfield home inspections

West Bloomfield home inspections

My buyers asked me what they should do.  Mold can be re-mediated, and the house is fine.  But for people with asthma and allergies I still worry.  So my first question to any buyer is always “do you have asthma or allergies”?  If you do you probably should not be buying a house with mold in it. Even if it is re-mediated.  The mold remediation company will do an air quality test after they have cleaned it up.   It does not matter if it is a lakefront home on Voorheis Lake in Orion Michigan or Murray Lake in Highland MI it is so important to take mold seriously.  I recommend for you to have it professionally remediated if you find mold during a home inspection.
So the second question is what happens when there is mold?  We have several choices.  1 to ask the seller to have the mold professionally re-mediated by a licensed mold remediation company to the buyers satisfaction.  2 To have the seller reduce the price of the West Bloomfield lakefront home.   3.  To void the contract.    Basically what happens when a home is re-mediated professionally is that the company comes in and contains the area.  They seal off the area with plastic and set up an air filtration system to suck out the mold spores.  Then guys with mask go up into the attic and kill the mold with a bleach/or chlorine solution.  They let it dry and then they seal the mold in by varnish or painting it.  Those are the basic steps the mold remediation company does.  Usually it is about $1500 – $2000 for a small job up to $10,000 for a larger job.
My clients decided to exercise their option to void the purchase agreement due to home inspection issues.  Which was a wise choice in their case because the husband had allergies.  If you would have found this in waterfront foreclosure your choices would have been not to buy the house or buy it with the mold.  Many banks will not do the mold remediation after the purchase contract has been signed.  The cover picture of this story is rust showing up on the beam in the basement.   It’s not mold, but what that tells me is that beam was very wet and rusted.  So most likely the floor trusses and 1st floor boards were very wet.  Some flippers cover mold up by spraying the basement ceiling white, black, or gray.  That is fine if they remediated the mold.  This beam’s rust bled through the paint.  Telling me the wood was very wet at one point.  I hope these lakefront home buying tips help you.  Give me a call on my cell phone. (248)310-6239.  I am very knowledgeable about our local lakes and lakefront real estate.

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If you do not want a home in West Bloomfield because of the higher costs then Waterfront Properties on Loon Lake in Waterford MI may be an less expensive choice for you.   Long Lake Lakefront foreclosures may be another less expensive lake than Union Lake homes.  Many lakes in West Bloomfield like Upper Straits Lake, or Orchard Lake have larger luxury lakefront estates on them.  You will not find the same large luxury lakefront estates on Loon Lake or Long Lake.

Highland  Township home selling tips are just one of my many articles on how to sell your home.  I want you to get top dollar for your home when you go to sell it.


Michigan mold problems

Michigan mold problems

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