Lakefront homes on Big Lake Oakland County Michigan

Let’s talk about Big Lake front homes for sale. If you are looking at Lakefront homes on Big Lake in Oakland County Michigan be prepared for dirt roads.  There are only gravel roads on the lake.

On the northwest side of the lake most of the lakefront homes sit across the gravel road.  The road is not heavily traveled so it would be safe to let children cross it if they looked both ways.  It would be no different than living on a side street in the city that wasn’t a thru street.  On that side of the lake there is a grass area between the road and the lake.  Some of the homes on that side have larger and wider lots.  The view from the homes is great too because they sit up a little higher.

Big Lake homes are not the big luxury lakefront estates like Orchard Lake estate homes in Orchard Lake Village  or does not connect to another lake like  Lotus Lake – Maceday Lake in Oakland County does.  Big Lake is the start of the Huron River.  There is one property on the lake that floods once in a while in the spring.

On the other sides of the lake the it is different.  The homes sit right on the lake.  Lakefront homes on Big Lake range from being built between 1929 and 2000. They range in size from  800 square foot to 4000 square foot homes.  There is every type of home you could want on the lake.  The biggest comment I receive about the lake is that is very remote.  It is out there in the country so if you are looking for more of a rural lake in Oakland County Big Lake may be the lake for you.   Join my Oakland County VIP home search Oakland VIP Club get the latest Oakland County foreclosures  and homes emailed to you, so you do not miss out on the best deals.  The best homes always seem to sell the fastest. 

There are even bungalows on the lake for those of you looking for a lake cottage!

Big Lake in Davisburg MI

Big Lake in Davisburg MI

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Once you live on a lake you will wonder why you did not buy years ago.  It is a great way of life.  I live on a lake myself.  We also offer another perk when you use our services.  Buy a home over a and you will get

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