Lakefront homes for sale Waterford Michigan as of 4-26-13

Welcome to Waterford Township, Michigan, a great place to live, work and visit! Lakefront homes for sale in Waterford are widely varied.  Waterford was established in 1834 and is centrally located in Oakland County with a population of 71,707.  It’s the fifth largest Township out of 1,240 in Michigan. We are a “Lakeland Paradise,” with 34 lakes and have a lot to offer residents, businesses and visitors alike.  You can go to one of the smallest lakes in Waterford Clam Lake in Waterford Michigan or to the largest lake in Oakland County Cass Lake in Waterford Michigan.  Waterford has lakes all different sizes.

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I wanted to check and see what lakefront homes for sale were in Waterford Michigan so I searched my database and found that there are a total of 46 lakefront homes for sale. The median price for lakefront homes in Waterford Michigan is $405,746 and they have been on the market for an average of 67 days.  Here is a list of Waterford MI all sports lakes

Below is a list of lakefront homes for sale Waterford Michigan as of today, 4-26-13 that are for sale between $200,000 and $400,000. The 20 homes listed have an average list price of $311,810 and an average time on the market of only 57 days. See the list below for more information on these 20 lakefront homes for sale in Waterford Michigan.  If you are thinking of buying a home here are some Oakland County winter home buying tips

Maceday Lake in Waterford MI

Maceday Lake in Waterford MI

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6855 BRIGHTWOOD CT 219900 11 1200 1980 N
3365 COVENTRY DR 220000 9 1616 1946 N
185 REYMONT RD 250000 219 1740 1946 N
5013 ELIZABETH LAKE   RD 255900 50 2097 1960 N
3795 DILL DR 260000 175 1104 1958 N
285 REYMONT RD 279900 183 1802 1979 N
3891 DILL DR 279900 31 2116 1962 N
4592 S SHORE ST 299000 29 1350 1960 N
6781 WILLIAMS LAKE   RD 325000 269 1684 1927 N
4043 LOTUS DR 325000 21 2620 1928 N
3919 DILL DR 325000 6 2270 1967 N
957 STRATTON DR 334900 14 960 1951 N
4909 SHORELINE   BLVD 335000 4 1983 1990 N
3395 WORMER DR 344900 11 1363 1957 N
5067 ELIZABETH LAKE   RD 349000 34 3015 1961 N
3909 LAKE OAKLAND   SHORES DR 349000 28 3354 1948 N
4830 SHERWELL DR 349900 14 1836 1953 N
4956 COOLEY LAKE   RD 365000 43 2576 2005 N
1420 OTTER AVE 379000 3 1721 1995 N
945 STRATTON 389900 2 1764 1971 N

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I myself know many of the lakes but some people forget or do not know about all the lakes in Oakland County so I like to give websurfers a easy way to view other local lakes in Oakland County.

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