Lakefront Home for Sale on Cooley Lake

Come Check out this awesome lakefront home for sale! This home can offer so much for you and your family, with updates and a great lake to explore on, your options can be endless. whether you choose to stay here forever or for the time being, maybe you want to rent this home out. you can buy this home knowing that it can be what ever you wish to be! So go a head and check out some photos of this house and if you are interested in seeing it in person, just give Russ Ravary a call, if you like what you see here, but its not exactly what you were thinking of he can and will set you up with a personal search to find you exactly what you are looking for! This is the fun part about searching for a home, and its also what makes it easier for you because Russ truly does all the hard work to guide you in the direction you want to end up at! So like I said GIVE RUSS RAVARY A CALL TODAY!!!!! (248)310-6239

hillcrest pic

hillcrest pic2

Kitchen is best part of home


Be sure if you like what you see in this home, that you give Russ Ravary a call TODAY! He truly does make this whole process easy for you, which will always leave you going home happy and relaxed,whether it be in your current or brand new home, knowing your realtor is putting in the time and effort to make sure you get the home of your dreams! So when you pick up your phone to give Russ a call make sure to also ask about the great buyers bonus deal going on now!!! (248)310-6239 or via email at


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