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Winter fun on Oakland County Lakes

Winter fun on Oakland County Lakes

 So many of the good lake homes get sold before the average buyer even gets to see them.  I have seen homes sell in under a week.  The good lake homes go quick.  If you want the latest lake home listings emailed to you daily so you can look at them at your leisure.

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Snow, snow, snow and a little ice.  In the winter snow and ice covers up a lot of flaws in Lake Orion lakefront homes.  If there is snow on the roof you will not be able to see if the roof is good.  How can you see if the shingles are curling?  I was at a client’s house this weekend that was going to list this spring.  Snow covered the roof and I couldn’t see anything wrong with it, but my client told me there was a spot on the roof that was bad from the downspout.  She told me it was a good sized spot.  If a lakefront home buyer was looking at the home they would have never or seen the bad area.  Snow was covering it up.  It does not matter if it is Loon Lake in Waterford MI or Lake Orion or Loon Lake in Wixom Michigan you do not want to make a mistake on what the lakefront is.

The Lake Orion lakefront home that you may be looking at may have lily pads or cattails in front of it.  Right where you would want to swim, but ice and snow covers the water so how would you know.  You would have to have intimate knowledge about the lake frontage.  Search the most current listings and join my homes for sale VIP club.  Get the new listings and best deals emailed to you so you don’t miss out on the best home deals.  We will be able to send you Foreclosures on Indian Lake Michigan or Island Lake Homes for Sale or any home in the area you are searching

Another area that you will not be able to test is the air conditioning.  You should not run an air conditioner when the temperature is under 58 degrees.  If there is a pool you will not be able to check that either.  So low temperatures, snow, and ice do have an impact on what you can see when looking at Lake Orion lakefront homes.

Should you not buy a Oakland County lakefront cottage in the winter?  No, you can buy a lakefront home if you do the research.  Talk to the neighbors, ask lots of questions to the seller and seller’s agent.   Get it in writing that items work, or in good shape.  Your last line of defense is your home inspector.  He should be the one that pulls snow off the roof in several spots to inspect areas.  So yes you can buy a lakefront home in the winter if you research, and inspect the home well.

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*BUYERS BONUS DEAL* call Russ Ravary

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