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My name is Russ Ravary and I am a Southeastern Michigan realtor that helps buyers and sellers in our lakes area.  Here is another installment of my lakefront home buying tips.  Deciding on Oakland County MI lakefront real estate can be a daunting task because of the many different lakes.  There is one real estate agent out there on the web that is badly mistaken when he says there are 164 lakes.  What he should have said was there were 164 lake maps on the DNR site.  Lakeplace dot com says there are 358 lakes, but the Oakland County website says the are about 1400 lakes in the county.  I’m sure many of those are small ponds that I would not even call a lake.  The bottom line is there are many lakes in Oakland County that you can find a home on.  Almost 4% of Oakland County Michigan is water.

I can not stress enough about thinking about what you want to do on a lake.  I would hate for you to buy a home on a lake and then out grow it.  What do I mean about out growing a lake.  Well many Oakland County MI lakefront real estate buyers at first think they are pontoon people.  They may be a little older, not skiers, or wakeboarders.  They be anywhere from their 30’s to thier 60’s.  So they are not going to be doing a lot of watersports themselves.  This is were some lakefront home buyers do not think far enough ahead.

Pine Lake Oakland County Michigan

Pine Lake Oakland County Michigan

Do you have small children?

Do you have grown kids?

Do you have grandkids?

At some point they might want to be pulled in a tube.  They might want to waterski.  They might want to buy a speed boat and bring it to your lake.   They may want to jet ski.  So you may want to think about how you are going to entertain your younger generation.  I can tell you kids and grand children will get tired of going for a slow pontoon ride.  They at some point will want to enjoy water sports.  So think about this before you decide on an all sports lake or not.  If you chose to live on a smaller lake that can not accomodate water sports then the only recourse you would have is to move and buy on another lake.  I want you to be happy in the long run.  That is why I do these lakefront home buying tips when you are getting ready to buy Oakland County MI lakefront real estate.  You probably have not bought a lakefront home before so you many not even think about some things you should be considering.  If you are selling a lake home you may want to read over this article as it may help you How to prepare to sell your Highland Township waterfront home


Bald Eagle Lake in Oakland County MI

Bald Eagle Lake in Oakland County MI

If you have questions about any Oakland County lakes  like Upper Silver Lake in Waterford MI or Upper Straits Lake in Orchard Lake MI or any other lake in Southeastern Michigan give me a call or email me I will help you in every way I can.  My cell is (248) 310-6239 or

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These are three different lakes in different areas.  They range from small to midsize, but all are private lakes which many home buyers love.


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