Is Winter a good time to sell your waterfront home?

Winter can be a good time to sell your home for the one reason….. that you have limited competition.  Yes there are fewer buyers out there.  Sun and warm weather brings out lakefront buyers.  Some of them are triggered by visiting friends on the lake or after taking a vacation up north.  They decide they want a Oakland County waterfront home because it is close and they do not have to travel too far.

So if you list in the winter you are going to miss what I call the “impulse buyers”.  Serious water front  home buyers are looking all the time.  So yes, you can sell your waterfront home even in the winter.  But here are some of the downfalls.

A Lake Sherwood canal front home in the winter

A Lake Sherwood canal front home in the winter

Some serious Oakland County water front home buyers stop in the winter because they can’t see through the ice to see what the lake bottom is like.  Some buyers only want a sandy bottom lakefront.  So they won’t take a chance buying in the winter.

Another segment of buyers that you are going to miss out on are the snow birds.  There is a group of waterfront buyers that are retirees.  They want a lake home close to their kids.  This group usually comes up in the early spring to look for a home.

Lake Sherwood Commerce MI Which picture looks better?

Lake Sherwood Commerce MI Which picture looks better?

The bottom line is that waterfront homes sell all winter.   It doesn’t matter whether it is Lester Lake in Waterford Michigan or Lake Sherwood in Commerce or Little Cedar Lake in Orion MI.  Spring and summer pictures of the lake home help to sell it.

You are just going to have a smaller pool of buyers that will be looking at the home.  It is key to have your home staged, priced right, and ready to sell if you are going to sell in the winter.  If you are in no rush I recommend waiting until spring to list your Oakland County waterfront home.

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