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please come join the fun at the White Lake inn on,(located at the corner of ormond rd and jackson blvd) on JULY 19TH for a community event hosted by; Russ Ravary, in the hopes to raise money for the fight against cancer, all while having an amazing time! All racing participants must register and build a cardboard boat to race in the water at the white lake inn. Any one who does not wish to participate in the race itself, but would like to help support the cause, and donate any money they of course can do so, with great appreciation from us! so please hurry and sign up for the races before its too late if you wish to register or find out more information about this amazing event please go to the following website where you will find registration forms, guidelines, Russ’s information to speak with him personally if anything is unclear, prices, and more! so hurry go register!!!!



cardboard boat race pics (3)

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