How to narrow your search for a lake home

Lake homes

Lake homes

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This is how to narrow your search for a lake home.  Ask yourself and your family these questions.  This will help your lake realtor narrow down your search.  It will help determine which lakes in Oakland County to look at.

1.) First question is what do you intend to do on the lake?  Are you a fisherman?  Are you or do you have kids that are avid skiers, and wake boarders?  Do you want to put in a sail boat?  Do you want to pull the grandkids occasionally on a tube?   Will you kayak or have a paddle boat? Do you have the need for speed?  Then you will want a larger lake to race around on.  Will you be happy to have a pontoon to load up the friends and family for a leisurely ride?  Or are you just happy looking at the lake and watching the wildlife?  Yes there are people that live on lakes and do not even own a boat to go on the lake.

2.) How high up do you want to live on a lake.  Some lake homes sit up the hill from the lake.  These homes have tremendous lake views, but the downside of this is that there will be stairs down to the lake.  How are your knees?  Can you handle walking up and down stairs or would you prefer a level piece of land.  So the key here is magnificent views or easy on the legs.


3.) Size of lake.  Lakes are all sizes.  They can be oversized ponds to large busy public lakes.  The key to this question is would you get bored?  What size of the lake will make you happy?  Do you want to go for a 10, 30, or hour pontoon ride.  Will a round lake bore you?  Or do you need the lake to have multiple bays and canals to cruise around.  If you are an occasional pontooner that is happy sitting on your deck then a small lake may be for you because you do not want the noise.  The avid water sports person will want the larger lake.

4.) Noise levels.  Jet skis, number of boats, the larger the lake, public lake, marina on the lake, and if there is a bar on the lake all determine the noise levels of the lake.  During the week days most Michigan Lakes are quiet.  It is during the weekend that almost all of them are busy.  Even the small ones get more traffic on them.  But if it is a small private lake it will be quieter than a large public lake.  There are some lakes that have lake hours for making a wake 10 am to 6:30 is a common time, some only allow electric motors, and some do not allow jet skis.  So what are your looking for.  Do you want peace and quiet?

5.)  Bar/restaurants on the lake.  There are only a few lakes that have bar/restaurant on the lake.  The plus is that if you do not feel like cooking you can go up and get a quick bite to eat or a cold drink.  I believe it is a benefit for many lake home buyers.  The negative of it is that there is an occasional drunk group that will come home at night making a lot of noise.  Noise really travels on the lake at night.

6.) Is sandy beach front a must for you?.  Lake home buyers with small children or grandchildren prefer sandy bottoms in front of their home.  However many Michigan lakes are what they call fibrous peat.  Another word for muck.  So in many inland Michigan lakes people load up the boat and go swimming in deeper water or somewhere on the lake that is sandy.  Many lakes have what I call a gathering spot.  Where people pull up to get out and swim.  The socialize.  They talk to people that they may never have meet before.  But then they know them by site when they are on the lake later.

If you answer these questions it will help determine what type of lake you are really looking for and help make your lake search easier.  If you are looking for a metro Detroit realtor that knows the lakes in Oakland County and Livingston County give me a call I will be glad to help you find your next lake home.  My cell is (313) 310-9855 or email is




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