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Good People

Good People

I have a home selling tip for anybody that is selling a home.   Be nice.  Yes you do not have to be an idiot, or a self centered jerk to negotiate, or to get a good deal.  I do not know if I would label it, negative people or should I say negative view about people or distrust of people that causes the problems.  What I am talking about is when selling homes in Metro Detroit and Oakland County I usually have rough or tough experiences with sellers that have

  1. Nasty temperaments
  2. Negatives views of people in general
  3. Distrust of people

One case in point.  I had a buyer that need a secondary inspection done.  The inspector did not show up on the day scheduled.  The seller was sick and getting chemo.  The seller was taking a lot of time off from work.  Yet my buyer was upset at the seller because they couldn’t drop everything to accommodate their schedule.  A single woman that was very sick.  How would you like to deal with a client that had no feeling for a sick person?  Yes there are people out there like that.  All they care about is themselves.   We negotiated it out, but the buyer yelled quite a bit and I’m sure had blood pressure all over a person that was having chemo.  Sad, sad, sad.


Some sellers have the opinion going into a sale that the buyer is out to screw them.  That the buyer is going to do something devious or something to hurt the seller.  If there is a delay….the seller automatically thinks their is something up or that the buyer is purposely delaying the inspection or getting the inspection results to back out of the deal.  Or to try to get more out of the seller.

That the buyer has some hidden agenda or is trying to take advantage of the seller.  These issues of the seller cause more problems.  A buyer can have these same issues.  Why get upset over a delay?  Why get upset at an inspector that found something wrong with the house?  Why get upset with a buyer that sat on a bed?  Or a kid that played with your kids toys?  Honestly it becomes a nightmare for the realtors involved and causes so many more problems when a seller has a preset notion that people are out to beat them or take advantage of them.

Unfortunately these same sellers are the ones that will turn around and try to take advantage of the buyer.  One case in point is.  I had a buyer that found a home being sold by two attorneys.  The attorneys took our purchase agreement and crossed lots of sections off.  Added lots of wording that put them at a better advantage than the buyer.  My client wanted the home and went along with most of it, but they did not like it.  Well it got down to the end there became a problem.   The sellers had a $10,000 play house in the back yard that they were supposed to move before closing.  The week before closing they wanted the buyers to agree to a two month extension of having the playhouse moved.  My clients refused because the sellers put them through the wringer on changing the whole purchase agreement.  The sellers tried to say they wouldn’t close.  My clients ended up getting the playhouse for $500.  All because the sellers had made the deal hard.  Many of the items they inserted into the purchase agreement were penalties if the buyer did not do something.  They wanted to sue.  They wanted blood.  They tried to take advantage of the buyer.  In the end it bit them in the butt.  My buyers were easy going people, and would have done the extension for the playhouse if the seller was not so rude.

Making negotiations hostile, having a distrustful attitude will hurt your sale.  Most people are honest, good people that are just trying to get the best deal for themselves.  Whether it is the buyer or the seller, everybody is just trying to do the best for themselves.  If you get in the mode of thinking and negotiating that they are out to screw you the negotiations are going to be much harder and more aggravating to you.   I get two or three people a year that what I would call nasty, negative, going to try to take advantage of the other side.  Those deals are always the most stressful, time consuming, and harder.  It takes more work to smooth out all the issues.

Remember how you treat people does matter.  It is my belief that each of us should try to make the world a little better place.  It doesn’t do us any good to stand or sit in a place of worship and then come out and be a jerk to somebody else.  To try to take advantage or be mean in the name of “business” or “selling a home” is not the way to go through life.

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