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Well it is 2013 now, 2012 is just a memory.  But in 2012 I had some great clients that were great to work with.  I have been lucky in my real estate career and in 2012 that I get very few grumpy, disgruntled, unhappy clients.  The overwhelming majority are down right nice people.  So thank you all for the business in 2012. I believe the 2013 Oakland County lake real estate market is going to be quite similar to 2012.

Here are my predictions for 2012.  I believe that lake home prices are going to slowly go up in the next year.  I do not think their will be huge lake home price jumps.  With the banks holding the reins on appraisals home values can not jump dramatically.  Banks will continue to knock down over priced homes through the appraisal.  Even if the buyer agrees to pay a high sales price their bank may not loan the full amount on it.  So then either the buyer has to put more money in the deal or the seller has to lower the sales price so the home can get sold.

I believe interest rates may creep up a little by the end of the year.  Now this is just a guess.  I really do not know…..nobody knows.  Even the experts do not know.  But we have had tremendous interest rates.  It is has been and still is a great time to buy a home when the rates are in the 3% range.  I have seen some house payments that were amazing.  For any person buying right now interest rates are on your side. Oakland County Lake home values.  I think in the mid summer of 2012 some lake home sellers got crazy.  They tried to sell their lake homes at top prices like it was 2006.  Well those over priced homes did not sell.  I think some of them will come back on the market this spring at lower prices.

Huntoon Lake Waterford Michigan

Huntoon Lake Waterford Michigan

I think Oakland County lakefront home prices will be higher than 2012 but long term lake homes prices will continue to rise.  So if you buy a lake home in 2013 I believe that your lake homes value in 2018 or 2023 will be much higher.  Simply because there will always be a demand for lake homes and there is no “new” lakes in the metro Detroit area.  We have a limited supply of lake homes and will always have a strong demand to live on lakes close to Metro Detroit. Well I hope your 2012 was as great as mine.  But most of all I wish you a health, happy and prosperous New Year.  May 2013 be one of the best years of your life

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Oakland County MI all sports lakes is an great alternative to a cottage that is four hours away.  So many people pack up a car and drive six to eight hours a weekend to get to a lake.  Why do that when you can find Loon Lake Waterford Waterfront Properties that are probably less than an hour a way.  Loon Lake in Wixom Township may be even closer.  Many of these lakes are great all sports lakes great places to live your life. That is what lake living is all about…being able to relax.  So why drive too far.  Lakefront Homes for Sale Lotus Lake in Waterford Township Michigan may have one lake home that is perfect for you and your family.

So enjoy each day you have….. life is short…..enjoy your days on a lake!

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