Getting your waterfront home ready to sell

It is raining today so I thought I would talk about dry basements.  Many waterfront home deals fall apart because of water issues in the basement or crawl space.  This can be extremely frustrating for you the home seller.  Especially when you work so hard to get the upstairs looking good.  Then I work hard at marketing and we get an offer only to fall apart upon inspection.  We do not want that.  They say 90% of all basement water problems comes from improper grading

Water coming in the basement wall

Water coming in the basement wall

If you are thinking of listing your Southeastern Michigan lakefront home in the spring it is not too late to get this done before the snow flies.  You do not want the spring rains to be flowing into your home.  Remember even if you have a small leak or an occassional issue with water in the basement you must be honest and disclose it on the seller’s disclosure.  Being honest will stop a law suit from coming your way after you sell the house.  It is better to disclose it and say it is fixed because you fixed the grade and extended the down spouts away from your house.

Avoid a Wet Basement

WHAT  Improve your grading – the dirt should slope away from your house.  There should be no holes or valleys right up close to the houseClean your gutters – sometimes a clogged gutter will over flow at one spot and cause too much water to be in one spot

Extend your downspouts – away from your house to avoid a wet basement

WHEN  Now, or at least before it snows or the ground freezes.

WHY  Ninety percent + of wet basements are caused by surface water — not by   underground streams and high water tables. Surface water comes from rain or   snow that lands on your property (your lawn, garden, roof, driveway, etc.) or   your neighbors’.A lot of this water is absorbed into the soil — except when the ground is   frozen, in which case it simply runs across the surface.

Remember that the frost stays in the ground long after the surface has   thawed.

If your lot slopes toward your home, you’re just asking for a wet   basement.

Water in the Basement

Water in the Basement

Yes, this takes work and time but a dry basement in a waterfront home is a major item for waterfront home buyers.  Remember waterfront home buyers want to enjoy the lake, not mop up a wet basement.  So take the time to prepare you waterfront home to sell.  Check out my other waterfront home sales tips to get your home ready to sell for top dollar.  Even a small wet area will turn away a buyer.

That is my goal to get you the most money possible when selling your home.  So we will stage it and market agressively so you get top dollar.  Have a great day and stay dry!  Russ Ravary your lakes area realtor specialist



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