Get out of the house – Oakland County lakefront home selling tips

If you have your White Lake home for sale and there are buyers scheduled to see the home…………get out of the house.  This Oakland County lakefront home selling tip will help you sell your house.  BUYERS HATE WHEN THE SELLERS ARE HOME.  They can’t talk about the house freely,  the buyers feel uncomfortable, they won’t poke and look at things like they should.  It does not matter if your lake home is on Hidden Lake in Brighton MI or Highland Lake in Highland Michigan get out of the house.

If you do not get out of the house you are reducing the chances of selling your home.  I have had Oakland County lakefront home seller  follow us around and give a narration of each room.  I even had on crazy person flick the lights up and down on a dimmer switch.  I almost felt like say ” Lady….dimmer switches are not that big of a deal…….now cut that out. ”  We felt we in a haunted house the way the lights were flickering.    Another great one was the 45 year old lady in spandex cavorting around showing the house.  Needless to say my lady buyer did not like seeing her husband eye the lady in the spandex.  My lady buyer killed the house just for that.

Bitten Lake/ Wallace Lake Brighton Michigan

Bitten Lake/ Wallace Lake Brighton Michigan

Oakland County lakefront Buyers are smart they don’t need you the seller to point out the features  on the house.  They can figure out what is what.  If you are so worried….make a feature sheet and leave it on the counter.  That will work much better and will not turn off the buyers.    You want the buyer to stay in your house and explore it.   The longer they are there the better off you are.  If you stay in the house you will be turning off the buyer.  So take this Oakland County lakefront home selling tip to heart…..get out of the house!  Here is a buying tip and selling tip for what ever you are doing.

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