Do not be scammed! Oakland County Home Scams

There are so many different scams out there.  In the Metro Detroit real estate market there are plenty of them.  One of the common ones is on Craig’s list.  If you put up your home for sale or for rent by a realtor or for sale by owner, pictures of your home may be on the internet.  So what the scammers do is take the picture and the description of your property and put up a phony Craigs list add to rent your home.  The scammer puts all sorts of beautiful pictures of the inside on the rental listing.  They  list it very, very cheap.  They tell prospective renter that they are out of town and they can’t  get you into the house, but they can wire money for a deposit until they can you get the keys.  There a people out there that will wire the money even though they have not seen the house.  They come up with great stories and are glad to separate you from your money.

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No scam

The second scam deals with home buyers that just bought a home.  So many recent home buyers are recently purchased a home have received letters in the mail on what appear to be an official U.S. Government document, but it is NOT!  The company claims for an $80 or $100 they will send the homeowner their newly recorded Deed on the home.  This letter does not come from the U.S. Government…it is simply a way to get people to pay for something they’ve already paid for and don’t really need anyway.

Any home owner can go to their County Clerks office and get a copy of their recorded Deed and only have to pay about $10 and not the gouge fee asked for in the scam letter.  You don’t need a copy of the deed for anything.

There is a lot of information given out and documents signed at the closing table.  The seller signs the deed.  The title company goes with in a week of closing to the County Clerks office and records the Deed and the homeowner is told that they will receive a copy in the mail shortly after, but sometimes it can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months before you get it.

The best thing to do if you receive such a letter in the mail suggesting that you need a recorded deed is rip it up.  You do not need to pay that much.  If you do not believe me call the title company or the Realtor that represented you.

You really do not need the deed anyway.  A title company will always prepare a deed when you are ready to sell.  When you close on a home your deed is recorded at the county.  You will never need that paperwork again.  So ignore the letter and enjoy your day.    It just cost the scammer money for a letter that was thrown away.  Congratulations you beat the scammer!

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