Commerce Twp Lakefront Homes for Sale as of 4-30-13

Commerce Twp Lakefront homes are a hot item, especially this time of year.  lakes houses in Commerce MI are very desirable because they are close to the highways.  Many home buyers like the drive time from Clark Lake in Commerce Michigan or Commerce Lake in Commerce MI.









If you are looking for a lakefront home in Commerce Twp you have made an excellent choice. A string of small lakes cross the western portion of Oakland County. Its winding roads around the lakes provide pleasant views of the scenery, and residents enjoy year-round lake and river recreation. This is primarily a residential community; however, the economic base of the Township began to expand in the 1980s as commercial and industrial parks were constructed. The extension of M-5 provides residents with major transportation access.  Additionally, there are many points for retail shopping to serve the residents. Proud Lake State Recreation Area occupies big parcels of the township.  Source: Oakland County Planning and Economic Development Services.

I have given you a list below that shows what Commerce Twp lakefront home for sale are available as of today, 4-30-13. There are a total of 18 Commerce Twp lakefront homes for sale, with an average price of $861,100 and an average time on the market of 231 days.

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9697 COOLEY LAKE RD   RD 215000 167 1818 1972 N
8459 ARLIS ST 289500 16 900 1920 N
8888 ORRICK ST 329900 36 1897 1930 N
567 SHERBROOKE ST 349900 18 2452 1973 N
1869 UNION LAKE RD 359900 41 1728 1969 N
8115 LOCKLIN LN 419900 47 2877 1946 N
4915 WAVEWOOD DR 459000 16 3320 1967 N
3275 MIMOSA ST 479000 189 1008 1937 N
1474 WANDREI CT 485000 20 3420 1997 N
9427 BONCREST ST 599900 33 3350 1996 N
4307 CREEDMORE ST 675000 6 3200 2006 N
3430 CIRCLE DR 849900 14 4730 1991 N
3591 LOCH BEND DR 1299000 180 7500 1987 N
3348 EDGEWOOD PARK   DR 1299900 4 4602 1995 N
759 SHERBROOKE ST 1450000 60 5201 2005 N
8800 OAK BEACH DR 1490000 47 5100 1993 N
8629 PINE COVE DR 1699000 17 5600 2002 N
3735 LOCH BEND DR 2750000 12 4848 1987 N

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Here are five other great lakes that you may not know about.

I tried to give you a variety of lakes to view today because I do not know what you are looking for.  I did little small lakes all the way up to some very large deep lakes.

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