Lakefront Homes for Sale in Milford Michigan

Are you looking for a home in Milford Michigan ON the lake! well you’ve come to the right place! here I have some beautiful home listings ON the lake! I can help you find what you’re looking for I guarantee it! so go ahead and check out some of these gorgeous homes I’ve found in […]

Homes for Sale in Royal Oak Michigan

If you’re interested in buying a home in Royal Oak Michigan, that’s awesome! Royal Oak Michigan is such an exciting place to be. Along with the more traditional neighborhoods and quiet atmospheres they do provide, they also have the more wild side in their city area. They have a slightly more relaxed yet still fun […]

Love Quotes 2015!

Love can be described as this scary, weird, messy, beautiful, thrilling, crazy, dangerous, painful, motivating, unexpected adventure that you and another person are lucky enough to embark on together. love shouldn’t be taken for granted even though its easy to do at times. love should be accepted for what it is and not what you wish […]

Lakefront Homes for sale in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Are you looking for a lakefront home in Bloomfield hills Michigan? Look no further! Bloomfield hills are a wonderful place to live. Here you can assure that you will have plenty to do and living on the lake only doubles the opportunities so here is a list of just a couple of the latest listings […]

Tagget Lake Homes

 So many of the good lake homes get sold before the average buyer even gets to see them.  I have seen homes sell in under a week.  The good lake homes go quick.  If you want the latest lake home listings emailed to you daily so you can look at them at your leisure. Click […]

White Lake Inn Cardboard Boat Races 2015!

Cardboard Boat Races! Sign up TODAY! Come join the fun at the white lake inn, while helping support the fight against cancer! Together we can make a difference that just might turn these statistics around!   One in 4 deaths in the US is due to cancer… That is 585,720 cancer deaths in the US. […]

Lakefront homes for sale in Highland Michigan

Looking for lakefront homes for sale in Highland Michigan?  Here is a complete list of waterfront properties for sale in the area.  The biggest lakes in Highland Township is Duck Lake.  It is a private all sports lake that has small cottages up to million dollar colonial and contemporary homes.  Duck Lake is what I call […]

Lakefront Homes for sale in Independence Township Michigan

Here is a quick update of lakefront homes for sale in Independence Township Michigan.  Many people consider Independence Township and Clarkston to be one and the same.  You will hear people say Clarkston instead of Independence Township. Here are some of the lakes in Independence Township MI:  Deer Lake, Middle Lake, Greens Lake, Cranberry Lake, […]

Lakefront Homes for sale in Lake Orion Michigan

What can I say about lakefront homes in Lake Orion?  You will be able to find just about any type of waterfront home in Lake Orion.  You will find large newer homes.  You will find small old cottages from the 1920s-1950s.  You will find homes that I call more on houses.  Houses that started as […]

Lakefront Homes for sale in Holly Michigan

Ready to find your dream lakefront home in Holly Michigan.  I would consider one of our more rural areas.  If you have to work in Metro Detroit it would be a long commute to get there.  However if you work in Flint the drive would not be as bad.   Holly has a small old time […]

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