Skyrocketing prices – White Lake Homes for sale

Lately we are seeing skyrocketing price on White Lake homes for sale.  Last year the highest per square foot price was $194.5 a square foot for a slab ranch.  The next highest price on White Lake was $168.1 a square foot.  Even the largest house on White Lake (1888 Lockwood) sold for $1,100,000 at $106 a […]

White Lake Twp Lakes Michigan

The township isn’t one subdivision after another, in fact I would say it is rural residential, and lake homes are the typical residential style.  If you did a view from the air, you would notice that there are clusters of homes around the many White Lake Township lakes. White Lake doesn’t have a central downtown area.  You could say […]

Electric motor lakes Oakland County Michigan – Green Lake – Bogie Lake

The first two electric motor lakes that come to mind in Oakland County Michigan are 1.)  Bogie Lake White Lake Township Michigan.  Bogie Lake in White Lake Township is a fifty acre private lake.   So it is a very quiet lake.  If you are looking for peace and quiet then this is a lake for […]

What can you expect for $200,000 – 0akland County lakefront real estate talk

Get an added bonus when you buy your next home?  Russ not only will help you find a home that fits your needs at a great price, he also gives you a great closing gift of a new kayak, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower.  (up to $500 in value) Click Here to Get Your […]

Bogie Lake front homes White Lake Township Michigan

Looking for a quiet Southeastern Michigan lake?  Then a Bogie lake front home in White Lake Township Michigan may be the lake for you.  Bogie Lake is a quiet lake because there are no gas powered boats allowed on the lake.  Bogie Lake is a private 50 acre lake.  Only electric motors are allowed.  Many people […]

Should you sell your White Lake front home now

I am just starting to receive calls about selling your White Lake front home now.  Many lakefront home owners in White Lake Township wonder whether it is the right time to sell their home in the winter months.  I believe the best time to sell your lakefront home in White Lake is in the spring […]

Lake properties Pontiac Lake White Lake Township Michigan

Pontiac Lake White Lake Michigan

What would you like in a lake property on Pontiac Lake in White Lake Township?  If you are looking for a high end exclusive private lake with a large majority of the lake front homes being  over a million dollars then you have come to the wrong lake.  Pontiac Lake in Oakland County is a […]

Tull Lake front homes for sale White Lake Michigan

Tull Lake White Lake Michigan

If you are searching for White Lakefront homes for sale then you should consider Tull Lake homes.  Tull Lake homes are located in Twin Lakes subdivision.  It is called Twin Lakes subdivision because there are actually two lakes in the subdivision.  Tull Lake is a Man made lake that is about 10 feet deep.  It […]

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