Lotus Lake – Maceday Lake Waterford Michigan

Maceday Lake and Lotus Lake are two different lakes, but they are joined together.  If you did not know the lakes you would never know they were two separate lakes.  They are wonderful all sports lakes that are large enough for any water sports enthusiast.  The total combined acreage is 419 acres. Maceday Lake is about […]

How much earnest money do you put down? – Waterford Lake home buying tips

One of the questions Waterford lake home buyers ask me is how much earnest money do you put down?  When you write your earnest money check you want to show the seller that you are serious about buying their house.  If it is a $400,000 house you do not want to write a $500 check.  […]

Lake home buying tips – Waterford lakefront real estate

Lakefront real estate Waterford Michigan

Get an added bonus when you buy your next home?  Russ not only will help you find a home that fits your needs at a great price, he also gives you a great closing gift of a new kayak, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower.  (up to $500 in value) Click Here to Get Your […]

Elizabeth Lake Homes – Elizabeth Lake real estate Waterford Michigan

Elizabeth Lake front homes are highly sought after because Elizabeth lake is a private all sports lake.  There is no DNR access any many lake home buyers do not want to have the public on their lake.  They are territorial.  They feel they are paying the high lakefront property taxes so they would like to control […]

Cass Lake Michigan lake front homes – recent solds

Cass Lake Michigan

Cass Lake is Oakland County’s largest lake at 1280 acres.  Here are the latest 3 Cass Lake front homes that have sold in the last 90 days.  Now that it is approaching winter many lakefront homeowners pull thier homes off the market to wait fro spring.  But sometimes there are deals out there in the […]

Least expensive lakefront home – Oakland County MI

Oakland County lake homes for sale

Currently this is the least expensive lakefront home in Oakland County MI.   To find a good inexpensive Oakland County lakefront home is sometimes hard.  Many inexpensive lower priced homes are in disrepair or really only good for the value of the land. Here is the current least expensive home in Oakland County Michigan.  It is […]

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