$399,000 Cooks Court Home for Sale

Welcome to Limited all sports 100 acre Tull Lake. Well maintained home with plenty of space for any family. Cozy up either of the two fireplaces in the living room or in the walk out basement. Great lake views from so many rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom, and master bedroom). Approx 164′ of lake frontage […]

Home for Sale on Wormer Drive!!!

 So many of the good lake homes get sold before the average buyer even gets to see them.  I have seen homes sell in under a week.  The good lake homes go quick.  If you want the latest lake home listings emailed to you daily so you can look at them at your leisure. Click […]

Lakefront Homes for sale in Waterford Michigan

Have you been looking for a waterfront home in Waterford Michigan, well look no further! Waterford Michigan has an abundance of lakes and lakefront properties. Waterford Michigan is a great place to live, no matter what type of lifestyle you live. There’s so many different energies in the area, so whether you are young and loud […]

Lakefront Homes for sale in Waterford Michigan

Welcome to Waterford and the current list of lakefront homes for sale in Waterford Michigan.  The lakes area playground.  There are so many different types of lakes to choose from.   There are private all sports lakes in Waterford where the public cannot put a boat on or fish on.  These private all sports lakes usually […]

Huntoon Lake Lakefront Homes for sale in Waterford Township Michigan

Are you interested in Relocating to Waterford Michigan? Huntoon Lake in Waterford MI is a small all sports lake that is right off Airport Rd.  Many of the properties have a sandy lakefront.  The roads around the lake are paved.  The children on the lake go to Waterford Schools. There are some lakefront homes that […]

Eagle Lake Lakefront Homes for sale in Waterford Township Michigan

Eagle Lake Waterford MI is a small lake with weeds around some of the edges.  Part of the shore line is natural.  Many people anchor in the middle and swim in the center of the lake. On the west side of the lake is a nice subdivision with brick ranches, colonials, and split level homes. along […]

Lakefront Homes for sale on Elizabeth Lake in Waterford Township Michigan

A large part of Elizabeth Lake is 40 feet deep or more in most of the lake. Elizabeth Lake is one of Oakland County’s MI most sought after lakes.  With lots of activities going on for any boating enthusiast lake buyers want homes on the lake.  Being a private lake keeps the boat traffic down.  But at […]

Lakefront Homes for sale on Cresecent Lake in Waterford Township Michigan

Crescent Lake is called that because the lake is sort of crescent shaped.   I myself would call it “U” shaped.  But who would have called the lake “You Lake”? On the West side of the lake there is a huge neighbor association park that has a Pavilion and beach volleyball, swing sets, and bathrooms. It […]

Lake Houses For Sale in Waterford Michigan 11/20/2014

Below you will find a list of Lake Houses For Sale in Waterford Michigan. Waterford is located in Oakland County and has a population of 71,707. This city is known as the “Lakeland Paradise,” because of the 34 lakes it has to offer its residents, businesses and visitors.  There are many beautiful lakes like Maceday Lake […]

Loon Lake Waterford MI & Loon Lake homes for sale

I am a local lake realtor and I like to share what I know about the lakes with home buyers that are looking to move onto a lake.  Choosing the right lake is so important and if you have some information about the lake it will make your life a little easier.  That’s my goal […]

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