Waterford Twp. Michigan Lakes with Ski-Courses!

Here are the lakes located in Waterford Michigan, that have ski-courses on them! These lakes all offer different qualities but that share one that is key.. They are all-sports, and have a ski-course on them! If you love skiing or wake-boarding  you will love these lakes and your family will too! Check them out and […]

White Lake MI lakefront homes for sale

White Lake waterfront homes are highly desirable to many lake buyers.  White Lake Township is not overly built up and has a semi rural feel to it.  Yet it is close enough to Milford or Clarkston for a night out.  Novi’s, and Brighton’s large shopping areas are only a half an hour away.  White Lake has some of […]

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving

I wish you all a very HAPPY  THANKSGIVING Each year On my facebook page I usually do 7 articles on 7 days of thanks of what I am thankful for.  I thought I would share on with you one of them……………… My sixth day of thanks is for what I have or what you have. A […]

When do you Lower your List price on your lake home?

When I meet with lake home sellers many times their idea of initial list price is much higher than the recent sold homes.  Once in a while they sell at a higher price than the sold comparables, but many times the house sits and sits.  Why do seller’s list so high?  Sometimes it comes down […]

Lake homes for sale on Maceday Lake in Waterford MI

Here are the 3 lake listings for sale on Maceday Lake in Waterford MI.  Waterford has more lakes that connect to each other than any other city in Oakland County.  Here are some of the lakes that connect to other lakes in Oakland County Otter and Sylvan Lake Woodhull and Lake Oakland Maceday and Lotus […]

Lake homes for sale on Watkins Lake in Waterford MI

Currently there are only 2 waterfront homes for sale on Watkins Lake in Waterford MI as 11/12/2017.  Watkins Lake in Waterford Michigan is a private all sports lake that is about  238 acres in sizes.  It is a private lake so nobody but lake residents can swim, boat, or fish on the lake.  The deepest […]

4 Active Lakes Oakland County

4 Active Lakes Oakland County Are you looking for a lakefront home that provides you with the ability to meet new people and have a good time? Here are four local lakes that are all fantastic to do just that! White Lake, Duck Lake, Cass Lake, and Union Lake, are all great for meeting new […]

Best Lake in Waterford Twp MI; Cass Lake!

Best Lake in Waterford Twp MI; Cass Lake! This is one of the best lakes in Waterford Twp. This is am all sports lake that is over 1200 acres!!! That’s a big lake! Giving you plenty of room for all your favorite summer water sports. In the winter spread out with a group of buddies […]

Lake homes for sale in White Lake Michigan

Here is a list of waterfront homes for sale in White Lake MI.  Currently there are 21 of them for sale.  You will find that they range from small lakes to the largest lakes in the township.  White Lake has many beautiful lakes from small to large, to public and private, all sports or not.  […]

What Lakes Connect in Oakland County?

Lakefront homes for sale Loon Lake Waterford MI

What Lakes Connect in Oakland County? Have you ever wondered which lakes connect in Oakland County? Here is where you’ll find out! Oakland county is full of great lakes. So many that it can be hard to decide which specific one is right for you and your family. That’s why living on a lake that […]

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